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Cleveland 'Caucasians' shirt becomes a hit on native reserves

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si_caucasiansshirt.jpgA shirt bearing the word "Caucasians" juxtaposed against a white-washed version of the Cleveland Indians' controversial Chief Wahoo mascot has become an unlikely, ironic hit among those living on reserves in Canada.
class-220.jpgThe B.C. government is offering parents $40 a day per child under the age of 13 to "acquire tutoring ... explore other educational opportunities" or cover "basic daycare" should the teachers' strike continue into September -- a move that is being slammed by many CBC readers as "outrageous" and "divisive."

house-220.jpgA Calgary home in which five young people were stabbed to death is on the market, and is stirring debate among the CBC News Community about whether its tragic history should be revealed to prospective buyers.

How does your community commemorate World War I?

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A century ago this week marks the start of World War I that would endure for four years and in which some 10 million soldiers died in battle. To commemorate the centennial anniversary, CBC News wants to know how your city or town remembers the fallen.

CBC readers irked by quiet nixing of Thérèse Casgrain federal award

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casgrain-220.jpgMany readers were troubled by the quiet elimination of a federal award named after the late Thérèse Casgrain -- a feminist icon and Quebec heroine -- but some readers say the outrage and worry is unwarranted. 

Cruise ship's treatment of pregnant woman divides readers

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A Canadian woman's long-awaited family vacation turned into what she calls a "disaster" when she was denied permission to board a cruise ship after revealing her pregnancy. Her experience and the ensuing discussion about cruise ships' health policies regarding pregnancy divide readers. Some readers argue that the cruise company is simply enforcing rules that are aimed to protect the safety of its passengers, some find the policies targeting pregnant women discriminatory and

B.C. music festival bans aboriginal headdresses

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headdress-220.jpgA B.C. outdoor music festival is taking a stern stance on donning aboriginal headdresses at its upcoming four-day event, saying "their spiritual, cultural and aesthetic significance cannot be separated" regardless of their "aesthetic" lure for some festival attendees.

Paper bill fees 'ridiculous,' readers say

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Paper bills prove to be a weighty issue, as Canada's telecommunications regulator announced on Thursday that it is launching a probe into the practice of charging a fee for paper bills in the communications industry. Although a small number of readers say the fee is an incentive for customers to reduce their paper usage, the majority of the readers find the practice unfair. CRTC-220.jpg

Employers' temporary foreign worker woes elicit little sympathy

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Canadian employers unhappy with the government's fast action on the Temporary Foreign Worker Program are receiving little sympathy from readers.

CBC News readers offer their prescription for ailing retailers

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IndigoOur CBC Business story today about three Canadian retailers -- Sears, Indigo and Reitman's -- who are facing declining sales and increased foreign competition was among the most read on our site today. 

The CBC Community wrote hundreds of comments, many detailing their shopping experiences.