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'This is vindication': Métis readers celebrate rights ruling

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metis_220.jpgToday, Canada's Court of Appeal upheld a ruling that includes Métis as Indians under the Constitution. asked our Métis readers to share their stories and tell us what the ruling means to them. Here are some of their responses.

Beer Store campaign bewilders Ontarians

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beer-store-220.jpgA new ad from lobby group Canada's National Brewers paints a bleak picture of what Ontario would look like if its convenience stores and other retailers were allowed to sell beer, wine and spirits. 

Just... just listen to the music! 

Are protest selfies the modern day sit-in?

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alr_selfie_220.jpgFarmers in B.C. are taking to social media to protest proposed changes to the province's Agricultural Land Reserve. It's the latest cause to utilize the so-called 'protest selfie.' Are protest selfies the sit-in of the modern generation?

What's your blindspot? We want to hear from you!

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Blindspot220.jpgAre you open-minded when it comes to other people's race, sexual orientation or gender identity?  Or are you the focus of other people's blindspots because of your class, religion or point of view? Email us at or tweet us with #CBCBlindspot.

Factory farming to blame for animal cruelty, say CBC readers

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ChicksOur story on allegations of abuse at a Maple Leaf Foods chicken hatchery got a huge response from the CBC Community, with readers expressing their shock at the treatment of animals caught on video.

Jim Flaherty: Share your condolences

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flaherty_220.jpgJim Flaherty, Canada's former finance minister, has died.

He was 64.

Share your condolences with his family and other Canadians in our online guestbook.

A better work ethic? CBC readers weigh in on debate over temporary foreign workers

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temp_workers_220.jpgMcDonald's is under federal investigation after a McDonald's employee told CBC News the fast food outlet is bringing in Filipino workers while cutting local staffers' hours and turning away dozens of seemingly qualified Canadians seeking jobs. CBC readers weigh in.

Loyalty to the Queen? CBC readers split on citizenship oath

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QueenOntario's Court of Appeal is hearing the case of three permanent residents who are opposed to taking an oath to the Queen as part of their Canadian citizenship. 

From the tweets and comments we see, the CBC Community is divided on this issue.

clinton-ford-220.jpgFormer U.S. president Bill Clinton weighed in on Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's antics last night, saying, "He has absolutely destroyed every stereotype people have about Canadians."

When enforcement action by the Ontario Ministry of Labour ultimately led to the shut down of unpaid internship programs at Toronto Life and The Walrus, there were cheers and jeers from readers.