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Irish boy lands in Quebec thanks to message in a bottle

Categories: Canada, World

Ten-year-old Oisín Millea is touring the province of Quebec this summer, retracing the path of a handwritten message he found in a bottle that washed up on the shore near his home at Passage East, Ireland.

Did this cyclist deserve a $651 ticket?

Categories: Canada, Community

No one is ever really happy about getting a fine, but Chris Lloyd isn't too upset about a $41 ticket he got for running a red light on his bike yesterday. It's the second ticket he got that really has him irked. 

Lac-Mégantic disaster stirs train vs. pipeline debate

Categories: Canada

train220x124.jpgThe deadly oil freighter derailment in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec is fuelling what was already a hot debate in Canada and the United States: Which is the safer way to transport oil, by train or by pipeline?

Social media fills official information gap in Lac-Mégantic disaster

Categories: Canada

The terror and shock arrived in a split second in the devastated town of Lac-Mégantic, Quebec. The information, however, has been much slower. People desperate to know the whereabouts of friends and family have flocked to social media, but it's been hard to know what is fact and what is hearsay.

Activists map sexual assaults in Egypt

Categories: Politics, World

Dozens of women have been sexually assaulted during the protests and clashes in Tahrir Square and other areas of Cairo this week, reported journalists and human right organizations. But activists are fighting the sexual violence on the ground, and online. 

Montreal welcomes 'Machin-Ô-livres' book vending machines

Categories: Community

Vending machines in Montreal's South West borough that used to offer candy and chips are now distributing something more nourishing for the mind and the soul: novels, poetry collections, and children's books. 

Power outage leaves Montrealers hanging

Categories: Community

A major power outage in Montreal and area this afternoon - the second blackout in as many days - has people a hot, flustered, and wondering what's next. 

Would you wear these bike helmets?

Categories: Community

Critics of mandatory helmet laws for bike share users say requiring a helmet would reduce the number of people who use the service because, well, people don't tend to walk around town with a helmet in their handbag. But some enterprising designers have come up with alternatives. 

Anger, relief following arrest of alleged B.C. bomb plotters

Categories: Community

Canadians are thanking police and worrying about the implications of the arrest of a Surrey, B.C., couple in an alleged plot to bomb the provincial legislature on Canada Day. 

John Nuttall and his girlfriend Amanda Marie Korody are accused of building pressure cooker bombs, similar to those used in the Boston Marathon bombing. 

Montrealers react to city's blanket of smog

Categories: Community

smog220x124.jpgAfter a rainy and cold June, Montrealers are staring July under a blanket of smog, caused by winds that have brought in smoke from northern Quebec.