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CBC readers irked by quiet nixing of Thérèse Casgrain federal award

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casgrain-220.jpgMany readers were troubled by the quiet elimination of a federal award named after the late Thérèse Casgrain -- a feminist icon and Quebec heroine -- but some readers say the outrage and worry is unwarranted. 

arm-220.jpgFor the first time ever, six-year-old Alex Pring hugged his mother with both arms.

CBC News readers offer their prescription for ailing retailers

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IndigoOur CBC Business story today about three Canadian retailers -- Sears, Indigo and Reitman's -- who are facing declining sales and increased foreign competition was among the most read on our site today. 

The CBC Community wrote hundreds of comments, many detailing their shopping experiences.

CBCNN viewers split on treating drowsy drivers as drunk

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drowsyA Quebec coroner's report recommends that driving while drowsy be subject to the same heavy fines and penalties usually reserved for people who drive under the influence of alcohol. 

But the CBC Community was divided on whether this is a good idea. 

Billionaire's 3-day workweek plan deemed unrealistic by CBC readers

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carlos-slim-helu 220.jpgA Mexican billionaire's utopian vision of a three-day workweek and late retirement is met with skepticism by readers who say they'll struggle to retire at 65 with a regular workweek. 

moon-landing-220.jpgOn this day forty-five years ago, Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin set foot on the moon, becoming the first humans to do so. Back on Earth, millions watched it unfold on television. Many clad in their pyjamas, nestled with family in front of the TV. Among them were readers who recounted tuning into the first moon landing fondly. 

Pet pit bull 'Ace' credited for alerting deaf boy to house fire

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Two-year-old Ace, a pet pit bull, is receiving kudos for alerting a 13-year-old Indianapolis boy, who is deaf, to a house fire, ensuring the boy escaped the home unscathed. 
flowergirl-220.jpgToting a neon-green sign and dressed to impress, a four-year-old eager to be a flower girl charmed her way into the spot for a couple tying the knot.

cash-220.jpgAfter a California park -- where hundreds turned out last week in the pursuit of "Hidden Cash" -- suffered $5,000 US in damages, the man behind the giveaways said he will compensate the city. readers tout benefits of dashcams

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Following our story on the increasing popularity of dashcams, readers touted the advantages of the cameras and shared experiences in which they say the devices proved beneficial.