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Ask CBC News: Erica Johnson on protecting consumers

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Ask CBC News is a monthly series that takes a behind-the-scenes look at how we gather and report the news. It's part of an ongoing effort to be more transparent about what we do.

This month, Erica Johnson answers a question from the CBC Community. 

New York City ferry crash photos flood social media

Categories: Community, World

Ferry2.jpgA New York City ferry boat has crashed during rush hour, injuring around 50 people and two of those critically, according to authorities there. Tweets and photos from the crash are flooding social media.

Send us your questions about the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show

Categories: Community, Science & Technology

pi-Sony Ultra HD TV-220-CP03664242.jpgPeter Nowak is at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas for the next week, searching out the new and fascinating for CBC News. Now it's your chance to ask him what you want to know about this year's CES. 

Tweeting the news as it happened in 2012

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si-red hook flood-220.jpg
When something happens that will end up on the news, often the first place people write about it is on Twitter. These are some of the most compelling tweets from some of the year's biggest stories.  

Top photos of 2012 submitted by CBC Community members

Categories: Canada, Community

si-Andrew Tagak Jr-220.jpgCBC Community members are a snap-happy bunch! Here's a selection of some of our favourite photos from 2012.

Eyewitness accounts of shooting emerge online

Categories: Canada

Eyewitnesses and local reporters documented the aftermath of a school shooting that left 27 dead, including 20 children this morning. Another person was also killed at a different location. Social media channels are filled with photos, tweets and status updates from the area around the scene in Newtown, Connecticut.

Banana slicer gets tongue-in-cheek Amazon reviews

Categories: Community

si-banana slicer-220.jpgThe product makers say it's dishwasher safe and faster than using a knife, but this banana slicer is getting more attention for the funny reviews it has inspired on Amazon.

N.W.T. residents celebrate Deh Cho Bridge opening

Categories: Canada, Community

si-deh cho bridge-liz mac-220.jpgN.W.T. residents and visitors no longer need to take a ferry across the Mackenzie River, thanks to the Deh Cho Bridge, which officially opened today. Many took to Twitter and Instagram to share their thoughts on the new bridge. 

Should Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade stop using helium in balloons?

Categories: Community, World

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is a classic holiday tradition for Americans, watched and loved by many, known for its helium-filled balloons. But with a potential helium shortage looming, should helium be banned from parade balloons?

Six-year-old girl writes to Hasbro about gender imbalance in Guess Who? game

Categories: Community, World

si-guess-who-220.jpgA six-year-old Irish girl, with the help of her journalist mother, wrote a letter to Hasbro to ask why the company's Guess Who? game had more male than female characters. Here's what happened.