Wal-Mart to promote women-owned businesses with new product labels

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si_womenowned.jpgSoon, conscious consumers will have another logo to look out for when they're shopping thanks to a partnership between Wal-Mart and the Women's Business Enterprise National Council: "Women-owned."

Facebook's emotion experiment angers users kept in the dark

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Facebook220.jpgSome people are angry with Facebook's apparent lack of ethics after the social network teamed up with scientists and knowingly attempted to alter the emotional states of nearly 700,000 users.

IBM's Watson computer creates surprisingly delicious BBQ sauce

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si_watsonsauce.jpgIn an effort to demonstrate its "cognitive cooking" technology, IBM researchers recently gave supercomputer Watson the task of creating its own barbecue sauce from scratch -- and the results were impressive.

Rob Ford's return from rehab re-energizes mayoral race

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Ford220.jpgToday, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford returned to office after a two-month leave of absence to a looming mayoral election, leaving the big question: Can the embattled mayor regain ground in the crowded race and secure another term at city hall?

Canada Day 2014: My Canada is...

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Canada is many things: big, diverse, multilingual, beautiful, rich in resources, purveyor of outstanding maple syrup. As of Tuesday, it's also 147 years old.

But Canada is so much more than these things -- and to celebrate Canada Day, we asked you to tell us about them.

☺ Emojli, an emoji-only social network, to launch

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emojli-220.jpgSo, it's come to this: British developers are launching a social network in which the only acceptable characters -- for messages and for user names -- are emoji, the colourful emotive characters so popular with smartphone users.

Rainbow graces Toronto sky to end World Pride

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rainbow-220.jpgIt was near the end of a spectacular Sunday for Toronto's Pride march when the sky darkened and released a heavy torrent of rain on World Pride revellers. If the storm dampened spirits, the rainbow that followed provided the perfect exclamation point for the week-long event.

Losing Jeopardy contestant goes out with a bang

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si_kanyeshrugjeopardy.jpgHe may have lost on Jeopardy, but Ari Voukydis is winning at life if you ask around the internet today: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd are leaving The View

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si_theview.jpgJust one month after Barbara Walters made her final appearance on ABC's The View, two more of the long-running daytime talk show's co-hosts are out: Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd.

Hockey fans share stories, best wishes for Gino Odjick

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OdjickFormer NHL player Gino Odjick told fans yesterday that he has a rare heart disease and may have just a few weeks to live, and the CBC Community answered back with well-wishes and prayers for the former Canuck.