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Readers divided by TransCanada's pipeline project

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TransCanada Corp said  pipeline project is a chance to connect western oil resources with eastern consumer. (Grand Forks Herald/Canadian Press)

TransCanada Corp has announced that it will go ahead with an east-west pipeline project which will carry 1.1 million barrels of oil per day across the country from Alberta to New Brunswick.

The Calgary-based company still needs regulatory approval, which it plans to seek in 2014, but expects to have the oil flowing by 2017.

The pipeline proposal will be to refurbish 3,000 kilometres of pre-existing pipeline along a mainland Canadian route and extend it by 1,400 kilometres toward a refinery in Saint John.

The cost has been projected as at least $12 billion, but CBC readers have commented that the price could skyrocket if -- and some are suggesting when -- the pipe cracks and spills.
The company has promised that the pipeline will be built to the "highest environmental standards", but that is not enough for some activist groups. 

  • "I bet you dollars to doughnuts there will be a blow out and oil leak accidents within the first year of operation. With pipelines, it's not a question of if, but when," wrote NoKoolaid.

  • "This pipe wasn't designed to carry a heavy viscous product and it is 50 years old. Who is going to pay for the clean ups when it cracks every couple of weeks?" asked Bumpy Road.

  • "Highest standards? You hear every day about a leaking pipe or exploding tanks. Maybe they should get what they have already in order before they do more damage," suggested Fred Flintstone.
The project is expected to create 2,000 jobs during its construction, a jobs number that had some readers cheering on the pipeline and patting TransCanada on the back for keeping jobs in Canada. 

  • "Great news! I would rather buy Canadian oil than oil from the oppressive regimes in Nigeria and the Middle East," said SJNA66.

  • "A common sense decision in the best interest of the country as a whole," wrote stang8282002.
Due to the rising costs of imported oil and the dangers of rail transportation, the pipeline decision has won some readers over.

  • "As far as this project complies with Canadian environment standards and it brings added value for Canadian economy, why should I be against it?" asked casey_live.

  • "Fantastic!! An extremely logical Canadian project. Produce it, refine it, use it in Canada and still have plenty for the world market. What took them so long?? It's a win, win, win. Doesn't happen very often," wrote 4chunut.
But, others are still quite skeptical.

  • "I can see a problem with the section that would go through Quebec. Like B.C. Quebec doesn't like to see anything that would benefit Alberta, so it's not likely it would be approved. So let's start planning now to upgrade refining capacity in Ontario, or let them continue to ship the oil by rail-car through Quebec if that's what they want," wrote WalksLikeADuck.
Where do you stand on the go ahead of the proposed Energy East Pipeline project?

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