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Eric Glatt, a former unpaid intern on the Hollywood flick Black Swan, was the lead plaintiff in a suit 
against Fox Searchlight Pictures. (Alex Brandon/Associated Press)

A U.S. judge recently ruled that Fox Searchlight pictures violated minimum wage and overtime laws by not paying its former interns who worked on the movie Black Swan. With a similar case against media giant Conde Nast in the New York court system, the legality and value of unpaid internships are being hotly debated.

Some, like Eric Glatt, the lead plaintiff on the Black Swan case, say interns should be paid for their efforts.

Others, like former so-called super intern Maegan Smulders, who completed 10 internships in 112 days and landed her dream job, say doing an unpaid internship is a choice that can lead to increased value on the job market.

On Thursday at 7 p.m. ET, the CBC community is discussing whether unpaid internships are worth your time.

We want to hear your unpaid internship experiences. 

Have you ever done an unpaid internship or did you hold out until someone would pay for your work? Were you a coffee-fetching gopher who felt like Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada or were you embraced by a mentor who helped you get your foot in the door?

Send your stories and photos to with the subject line "Intern Stories."

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You can also tag your tweets and Instagram posts with #InternStories. 

We'll be featuring some of the best stories in an upcoming post.

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