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Father's Day 2013: Here are your best lessons from dad

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Tharani Dayahparan submitted this photo of herself, her sister and her father, taken the day she got the keys to her condo. "He was so proud," she said. (Submitted by Tharani Dayahparan)

For Father's Day this year we asked you to share some of the most memorable life lessons passed on to you by your dear old dad.

The responses you submitted ranged from the strictly practical to sweet and heartfelt. Here are some of our favourites.

Scroll through the slideshow to see the best responses from Twitter and Instagram.

Here are some of our favourite messages from the mail bag

 Tom Walker's dad. "My Dad taught me many great life lessons, but the one that sticks with me now that I'm older is 'Get your work done first before you'll enjoy your play time more that way.'" - Tom Walker, via email

"My dad has always given me advice when it came to doing the house chores by saying 'It's better to do it now, so you will not have to do it later!'" - Veronica Vieau, via email

"My father taught me kindness, loyalty, a quiet sense of humour, chivalry, and a pride in being Canadian," - Norm Francoeur, via email

"My father has taught me much about life. He taught me what hard work is . . . He taught me everything from gardening, landscaping, to building a house and rebuilding a car. He is an outgoing dad and, anything you need, all you have to do is ask him for it. I love my father." - Brittany Fowler, via email

"You can fix anything with Jergens Lotion, WD-40 and Duct tape," - Di and Mike, via email.

"Always be nice to people. If you're nice to people, people are willing to help you out along the way if you get stuck," - Elizabeth Watson, via email

 Tharani Dayahparan's dad. "My loving father biggest lessons that he passed to both my sister and me is simple. Do onto others as you would have done to you. He believed in helping others in need and from a young age he taught us just that.

I work in the HR industry and own a recruiting firm, and Saturdays and Sundays are reserved for helping anyone who needs help in re-writing a resume or performing well in an interview -- from new immigrants who are looking for their first job or women who are looking to re-enter the workforce.

My dad passed away last year from cancer and we miss him dearly and when we do small acts of kindness I remember him every day. To all the greatest dads out there just remember that you are every girl's first hero. Happy Fathers Day." --  Tharani Dayahparan, via email


Thanks as always for sharing your insights. Please feel free to comment on any of these submissions in the comment thread below, or add your own lessons from dad.

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