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Airport worker's sloppy loading goes viral

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An airplane passenger who captured a freight handler's carelessness on camera has seen his year-old YouTube video rack up millions of fresh views in the past few days.

In the roughly four minute video, which went viral after resurfacing on Reddit, Mark Bridgman watches from his window seat as a man tosses boxes toward the airplane's conveyor belt.

Many bounce off and fall to the floor. And at one point the man swats boxes toward the moving belt with one hand while holding his cellphone.

 Airport worker chucks boxes at the conveyor belt. (Mark Bridgman/YouTube) "More of them are going on the ground than on the conveyor," Bridgman exclaims during the video, which was shot at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport in Guangzhou, China.

"Goodness knows what's in there. I hope it's not fragile but there's a good chance it is."

Afterward, Bridgman posted more of his thoughts on YouTube.

"This was amazing to watch. I think I was the only one noticing what was happening outside the window of the plane, and this time I captured it, " he wrote, referencing a previous incident during which he witnessed handlers throwing boxes labelled "this way up" and "fragile" onto a conveyor belt.

"Lesson: Pack it well, because it won't be treated well."

The video generated renewed interest in recent days after the post spread to other popular sites like Gawker and China's Sina Weibo social network.

The video has hit a nerve with those who know what it's like to receive a broken package or open their luggage only to discover its contents in bad shape -- a feeling Bridgman himself knows all too well.

"I have had freight damaged numerous times myself and this type of treatment of other's property is unacceptable."

Do you feel nervous when your luggage is out of your sight during trips? Has your property ever been handled without care and broken en route?

Share your stories below.

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