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Have you ever experienced 'Wrap Rage'?

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Is this what you look like when trying to open a package containing new scissors -- without scissors? (iStock)

Have you ever had Wrap Rage? You know, the anger and frustration you feel while trying to tear into hard-to-open packages -- particularly heat-sealed plastic clamshells, and blister packs?

 Visit the Marketplace site to nominate a problem case. (Marketplace/CBC) Our colleagues at Marketplace are on a cross-country hunt for Canada's most frustrating, sometimes dangerous, and difficult-to-open packages.

Which products drive you nuts? Name names, and nominate products for Marketplace's first-ever Wrap Rage Awards.

Did you really buy the most difficult-to-open package in Canada -- or does it just feel that way?

Take a look at this video submission from Jerry, of Enderby, B.C., who thought he had a bright idea for opening his new light bulb.

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Can you top that?

Go to the Marketplace website to nominate your product OR leave us a comment nominating a product. Please be specific! With your help, we'll rip through all this Wrap Rage.

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