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Canadians share their best hyperlocal stories

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Explore a collection of stories collected through the Hyperlocal project by clicking on the map above. (

When you show visitors around your neighbourhood, what's the first thing you point out? 

Do you lead them to a peaceful river bank, or a charming bookstore, or a bustling street festival? Or do you lament the loss of a booming industry, a wooded area, or a view now blocked by towering condos? 

What defines this place you call home, and how has it changed over the years? 

For the past few weeks, Canadians from coast to coast have been answering these questions and sharing stories of change through the ongoing Hyperlocal project -- a collaboration between CBC Books and the National Film Board of Canada

Their submissions have been placed on an interactive map dotted with photo essays, short films, audio recordings and written entries.

The collection includes the voices of some of Canada's best-known writers - David Bezmozgis, Joseph Boyden, Esi Edugyan, Will Ferguson, Lisa Moore, Heather O'Neill and Miriam Toews (some of which have been turned into neat interactives by the NFB's Digital Studio) - but also the entries of ordinary Canadians, including 12 guest bloggers with unique perspectives on their corner of Canada. 

This week on CBC Live Online, host Lauren O'Neil spoke with several Canadians who have participated in the project and open the floor to CBC viewers who have a story to tell about their own neighbourhoods.

Joining us were half of all the bloggers who participated in the Hyperlocal project:

We also had contributors Terri Favro from Danforth East, Toronto and Lynne Kamm, a.k.a. HoMa Joe, from Hochelaga-Masionneuve, Montreal.

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