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Mother's Day 2013: Send us your life lessons from mom

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What has your mother inscribed in your book of life? (iStock)

Your mother may have told you that you can't hurry love, or warned you that that there'd be days like this, or explained that "que sera, sera" -- whatever will be, will be. 

Indeed, if popular songs are any indication, wise words from mother are important enough to put to music and memorize.

This year, Mother's Day falls on Sunday, May 12. In the lead up to this special day, the CBC News Community team is collecting life lessons from mom.

We've already started by soliciting a few on Twitter using the hashtag #lessonsfrommom.

What's the best advice your mother ever gave you? Did your mom tell you stories to inspire you, or cautionary tales to protect you?

Have you passed her lessons on to your own children, or others who look up to you?

Send your stories to with the subject line "life lessons from mom." Be sure to include photos if you can!

Tags: Canada, Community

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