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'Momtract' legally enforces your love for mom

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si_momtract.jpgFretting over what to get the most important woman in your life this Mother's Day?

A cheeky new online service is encouraging you to skip the flowers this year and give your mom what she really wants: control over your life.

Created by New York's Mother ad agency, the "Momtract" generates free, legally-binding documents that essentially give a mother power over one aspect of her adult son or daughter's life.

"What's the one thing your mom always asks of you, that thing you ignore?" asks the website, prompting users to write their own contract term or pick from one of their 15 most popular "mom grievances" - things like "start going to church," "quit smoking" or "have that god awful tattoo removed."

After filling in a term, selecting a background, entering the names of both parties involved and drawing out their signature with a mouse, users can email the contract over to mom, who then signs it as well.

According to Mother, the legal document is binding for an entire year, and should a son or daughter default on the contract, penalties include fines of up to $20,000.

This means that your mom could technically sue you for say, forgetting her birthday -- though we highly doubt she would.

"This mother's day, give her the gift of authority with a Momtract - America's premiere legally binding gift," says the narrator in the cute parody ad released alongside the website. "It's time you legally enforced your love for your mom."

What would you include in your momtract? Share your mother's grievance below and then, if you're so inclined, go send her a legally binding document that states you'll rectify it.

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