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REPLAY | Live chat on the rise of binge TV watching

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Jason Bateman, centre, and Michael Cera, right, are shown in a scene from the Fox TV series Arrested Development, which resumes on Netflix this weekend after a seven-year hiatus. Canadian subscribers will be able to access all 15 episodes of the series -- one one sitting, if they so choose. (Fox/Canadian Press)

An episode of your favourite show just ended, and faster than you can say "I wonder what happens next time," a friendly little message appears, inviting you to find out.

Would you like to play the next episode in 10, 9, 8, 7 ...

"I should stop," you might think to yourself. But then you hear that familiar theme song. "Okay. Just one more episode."

If this scenario sounds familiar, you're likely among the thousands of Canadians that now stream most of their television shows on the web or otherwise consume multiple episodes at a time.

If you're streaming shows on sites like Netflix and Sidereel, or popping in full-season DVD sets, you may be finding it harder to peel yourself away from the modern tube.

This week on CBC Live Online, host Lauren O'Neil spoke with a panel of guests about the rise of binge TV watching.

How did we get here? Are we engaging in a harmless hobby, or has it come dangerously close to becoming a lifestyle?

What new habits are we forming around marathon television watching, and how is it changing the ways we enjoy shows?


This week's panel included:

  • Joris Evers: Director of Global Corporate Communications for Netflix.
  • Emily Gagne: film and TV critic and web editor for TV Guide Canada
  • Myles McNutt: TV critic, PhD candidate and Intro to Television TA at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  • Peter Mohan: Canadian writer and producer presently working on the next season of The Listener

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