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Readers react to resignation of B.C. NDP candidate

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li-460-Dayleen.jpgThe CBC Community offered their opinions after the B.C. NDP accepted Kelowna-Mission Candidate Dayleen Van Ryswyk's resignation following revalations of compromising blog posts. Facebook

When CBC News reported on Tuesday that Kelowna-Mission candidate Dayleen Van Ryswyk was dropped from the B.C. NDP slate in the upcoming provincial election due to "unacceptable comments" about First Nations and French Canadians she'd previously made online, the CBC Community weighed in with their views.

Many commenters congratulated B.C. NDP leader Adrian Dix for acting swiftly and decisively in accepting Ryswyk's resignation, potentially mitigating any negative backlash this story might have had on their campaign.

  • "With Facebook, blogs, Twitter, etc., what people have written years ago is easily queried and used against them.  I'll give Adrian Dix a compliment here. He had a bad candidate that slipped through the filters. He quickly accepted her resignation. He's moved onto the general campaign again. The Liberals, to their credit, will use this. That's what you do in a campaign. Everything is an issue. Every slip is an issue. Will it change the outcome of the election. I think this one won't. It's minor and Dix handled it the best way he could," said Courtenay Bound

  • "Nice work NDP, that is the way it's done," said BobZurunkel|

  • "Good on Adrian Dix for his quick response & acceptance of her resignation. Can you imagine how long it would take a BC Liberal to resign for any wrongdoing ?" said Stop-The-Libs

  • "I'm happy the NDP took control of the situation right away. No spins or attempts to placate; someone went overboard and was held accountable," said Fr33Country

The rivalling B.C. Liberals were the first to reveal the controversial blog posts in a press release on Tuesday, the first day of the provincial election campaign. 

The CBC Community compared this revelation to the way the B.C. Liberals have historically handled similar episodes within their own ranks. 

  • "Well timed by the BC Liberals. I wonder how long they've been sitting on this intel... Good and decisive action by Dix when one of his is caught acting inappropriately. How does Clark measure up to that?" said MrGibbs

  • "Good job by Adriane Dix and the NDP! That's how a leader does it. No mucking around with excuses or delays as we constantly see from the Clark and the B.C. Liberals. Clark has ministers who should have been booted but they weren't... And there are others who have had their issues buried. This is the way it's done... Nice to see!" said Defeated

On the other hand, many readers turned on the B.C. NDP for its perceived stifling of Ryswyk's right to free speech and express her own opinion, especially given that the posts were written well before she became a candidate for the provincial party.

  • "Whatever happened to free speech? Ms. van Ryswyk is entitled to her opinions, and is entitled to express them. Let her run, and let the voters decide - that is what democracy is!" said DannyB

  • "Free speech is a wonderful thing as long as you don't say it out loud," said Countlou

  • "It's really too bad that politicians can't have a voice of their own," said mikem_van34

  • "This is political correctness gone crazy again... She had an opinion and she stated the opinion. That is what election campaigns are for. Right or wrong she is entitled to that opinion and it is up to the voters to decide. Her views are shared by many people I'm sure, should they be silenced too?" said doublemartini

  • "I for one believe in free speech. Wish all politicians would show us what there thoughts are as truthfully. To bad this person was shunned. For goodness sake the name was revealed? Good enough for me, and Canadians can make their own decisions thank you," said adad80

Thanks to everyone who weighed in on the debate. We enjoy reading your comments and will continue to follow your posts.  

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