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Trudeau welcomed with laurels, barbs from readers

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The CBC Community followed the results from the federal Liberal leadership race Sunday in Ottawa and offered their reaction to Justin Trudeau's win in hundreds of comments. 

Many of the comments, and the most highly rated ones, welcomed Trudeau to the leadership of the Liberals, with many of them looking forward to a match-up between him and Stephen Harper's Conservatives in the next general election, expected in 2015. 

  • "Congratulations to Justin Trudeau. Today, the Liberal Party showed real signs of a party that is renewing itself to be a party for the 21st century. It is a good day for Canadian politics in my opinion, which is about to get more exciting with more Canadians getting engaged - 12,000 volunteers just for a leadership campaign," said Robin43.

  • "I like the tone Justin had set in his acceptance speech: 'It doesn't matter to me if you were a Chretien-Liberal, a Turner-Liberal, a Martin-Liberal or any other kind of Liberal. The era of hyphenated Liberals ends right here, tonight.' This one will go in history. The in-fighting by the old Liberals was self-destructive," said ruthbl.

  • "I am a Conservative and I say congratulations to Trudeau.We have been looking for someone with a little backbone to offer up some competition. I hope he is up to the challenge," said risingson.

  • "Whether you label yourself a Conservative, a Liberal, or an NDP supporter we should all hope he proves to be an effective leader of the Liberal party. We are all better served when the people at the top govern effectively, or help ensure proper governance," said fuzz_80

There was also reaction this morning to the first Conservative Party attacks ads against Trudeau

  • "The Tories keep saying Justin has no experience. How much experience did Harper, Joe Clark, and Diefenbaker have in federal politics before becoming party leader? None of them has been in federal politics as long as Trudeau before being the leader of their parties. Any attack that focuses on a person's amount of experience is just a delay tactic that delays the inevitable," said the957.

  • "Seems fairly obvious to me what he is offering. Hope, concern for others, and knowing we need a strong middle class. These ideas are in short supply these days, if not downright discouraged," said KrankyCrow

But a sizable portion of the CBC Community didn't cheer the election of a new leader for the Liberals, especially one named Trudeau. 

  • "One Trudeau was enough. Never again," said Biff the Spiff.

  • "If his name was Justin Jones would anyone vote for him? This is more about Liberal desperation than it is about leadership," said Tax Me...I'm Canadian.

  • "Everyone,including the CBC knows that Trudeau will be crowned.  don't know why they bothered spending all that money on a leadership race. The old boys club wanted Trudeau in, and the Liberal old boys club always get what they want, with full media support," said MaryClarke.

  • "Justin Trudeau is just another pretty boy, no substance all flash. Canada does not need this kind of leadership, especially now," said Peacekeeper 29

Thanks for following our coverage of the Liberal leadership race. We enjoying reading your comments and reaction to the politics of the day.

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