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Should TransCanada's pipeline east be approved?

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Amid stalled talks to approve its Keystone XL pipeline to the U.S. -- as well as mounting opposition against the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline -- TransCanada announced today a new plan to pipe Canadian bitumen eastward toward refineries in Quebec and New Brunswick.

 N.B. Premier David Alward (right) called the west-east pipeline proposal an historic initiative at the Irving Oil refinery in Saint John on Tuesday. (CBC)The Calgary-based company announced Tuesday that interested producers will be able to bid for space on the pipeline during a two-month window this spring. 

The pipeline could carry between 500,000 and 850,000 barrels of crude oil per day from Alberta and Saskatchewan to refineries in Montreal, Saint John and other eastern destinations, according to the company.

In many of our stories about Keystone XL and Northern Gateway, both of which would take Canadian bitumen out of the country, the big question that comes out of the comments is, "Why don't we refine the oil right here in Canada?" 

This project appears to suggest doing just that, so it's no surprise that it's a hit for many in the CBC Community. 

  • "It's about time, Eastern Canada has needed a pipeline through New Brunswick since the Irving refinery was built 50 years ago. The 1,500 km pipeline will bring much needed jobs back home. The sooner it starts the better," said Charles Damery.

  • "Bring it on. Naysayers may grumble about a pipeline, however the risk of the current rail transport is higher. Providing a value-added export (gasoline, etc) rather than shipping out crude makes so much sense, I can't imagine anyone opposing the idea. Naturally, construction would have to be held to stringent environmental controls," said Owen Meaney.

  • "I'm all for it. Other commenters had raised the question on Keystone XL as to why not just pipe it through Canada and keep it north of the border, so it looks like they weren't the only ones with that idea," said TypicalReader

But others in the CBC Community remained steadfast against piping oil out of Alberta. 

  • "A pipe line is a pipe line know matter what country, state or province it runs through. there is a risk no matter where the oil flows. I know I don't want oil flooding out of my backyard and onto the streets where i live as we are seeing in Arkansas," replied Wendal Grant.

  • "Converting an old natural gas pipeline for long term transport of abrasive crude doesn't sound like a very sound decision. It may make quick profits for TransCanada, but will those profits be used to construct a proper oil pipeline within 10 years or will we seeing eventual ruptures of this old one not designed for thick fluids?" said Bumpy Road

And one reader expressed concern about the pipeline's route. 

  • "Crosses the Saint John River. Wonderful," said C_Scrutinizer

If TransCanada goes ahead with its plan to pipe Canadian bitumen to refineries in the east, would you support its approval? Why or why not? 

(This survey is not scientific. Results are based on readers' responses.)

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