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Readers aren't buying RBC CEO's foreign worker denial

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Our story about RBC replacing Canadian staff with temporary foreign workers employed by an outside firm generated an incredible reaction our readers. On Wednesday, it became the most commented-upon story of 2013.

Gord Nixon, the bank's CEO, denied the report on The Lang & O'Leary Exchange yesterday, but the CBC Community isn't buying it.

 NixonRBC CEO Gord Nixon denied hiring foreign workers in an interview with CBC's Amanda Lang (CBC)Nixon said, "RBC has not and does not hire any temporary foreign workers."

The issue revolves around the company's acquisition of RBC Investor Services and a "relatively small contract" to "improve the productivity, efficiency of the business," which was won by India's iGATE.

"Our expectation is that all of our contractors comply with the rules and regulations of the country," he said. It is against federal rules for any company to bring foreign workers into Canada temporarily if it will put citizens out of work.

But to most of the CBC Community, Nixon's explanation didn't ring true.

  • "The fact that he is speaking in technicalities to mask what RBC is doing makes me even angrier at them. RBC can technically say that RBC is not hiring foreign workers. The foreign workers are in fact employed by iGATE, with whom RBC has engaged in a contract with. However, CEO Nixon isn't denying that iGATE's foreign workers will be taking over the work of existing RBC employees. Using delicate language to avoid accountability is very lawyer-like, and certainly not the kind of communication I would want to be hearing from my own financial institution. It is infuriating, and insults our intelligence," said LanSolo.

  • "At the very least, they are playing semantics. More likely, they set it up this way so that they could play semantics." said crowchild.

  • "I am an RBC customer and called them this morning to file a complaint about their affiliation with igate as they cannot spin that. Have yet to hear back from them. Doesn't matter what they say. In a week or so I will be moving everything to a credit union. Keeping it local and no one at the credit union will be earning 10 million a year," replied macmicia.

  • "I don't buy this. When you 'outsource' that means you send work elsewhere that could be done here. A play on words but the end result is someone here doesn't get to keep work," said Senior65.

  • "The CEO's explanation sounds like a bunch of bureaucratic doubletalk to me," said Gibby49.

  • "RBC, you are full of baloney. I went in today and started the process of transferring my interests to another place. With record profits you should be giving no work outsourced or otherwise to foreign companies or workers," said Charinator.
Nixon admits, "there may be one person who is actually here under a temporary foreign work visa of the people from iGATE involved. The rest are just people here for the transition process."

And at least one commenter said Nixon's comments made sense.

  • "Nixon said in pretty clear terms that they are outsourcing IT for a department. That's pretty common practice - when IT is setup, you don't need full time staffers to keep it running. The job can effectively be done by a remote team that monitors numerous offices at the same time. No bankers are losing their jobs over this contract. At worst, a redundant IT person is being let go because there isn't enough work for them to do," said bonobo.

Thanks for all your comments on this important CBC story. Our Go Public unit was able to pursue this story after a tip from a CBC viewer, so we are grateful to our audience for this incredible feedback.

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