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Readers want robocalls probe beyond Michael Sona

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Our Politics story on possible charges under the Canada Elections Act for former Conservative campaign worker Michael Sona has collected over 1,000 comments since it was first posted yesterday afternoon.

 Former Conservative campaign worker Michael Sona is facing charges under the Canada Elections Act. (PMO)Elections Canada says the charge is connected to the "fraudulent" robocalls that some voters in the Ontario riding of Guelph say sent them to the wrong polling station.

Sona faces a charge under section 491(3)d of the Canada Elections Act, which prohibits preventing or trying to prevent a voter from casting a ballot.

The maximum penalty is a $5,000 fine and five years in prison.

  • "Thanks to Elections Canada and the RCMP for investigating this! I was hoping this would have happened long ago, but I guess better late than never. We're all looking forward to hearing the details and to seeing those responsible punished. We must never let this happen again," said DrZaius.

  • "This is not over by a long shot. Sona will defend himself, and will not protect anyone when he gets to court. This is the first glimmer of hope Canadians have," said jameswa.

Some commenters felt that additional investigation into the robocalls is needed.

  • "The duty of any prime minister of this country is to ensure the integrity of our elections and they are held freely and fairly and express the true will and intent of voters. A public inquiry is needed into what occurred in the May 2011 election. Any PM and party who has nothing to hide will do so," said Kristen T.

And many thought that others in the Conservative Party should face charges, as well.

  • "Most of the electorate in this country know that one person alone would not have been able to orchestrate the 'robocall' fraud. If Sona had nothing to do with this, let him prove it in court. Let him rat on the Conservative Party who has done nothing to expedite this process. Why has it taken this long for charges to be laid?" said Regperson.

  • "They found a scapegoat. Mr. Sona is simply a scapegoat. People at a higher level have closed the case with this scapegoat and are just simply turning the page. Elections laws must me revamped seriously," said graceofquebec.

  • "Are we expected to believe Sona was just a rogue agent who took it entirely upon himself to do this? What a coincidence that exactly the same thing was done by as-yet-unnamed individuals in ridings across the country, particularly those where the Conservative candidates were running in very tight races!" said Eric S.

  • "I don't attribute this guy's actions directly to the Conservative Party. However, I do believe that they should shoulder some of the blame. They hire these people, they train them and they support them. For the individual, well, he should be punished to the full extent of the law. This individual's actions are undermining our democratic rights," said untold-story.

  • "I just love how everyone on here is screaming for justice and democracy and yet are not willing to wait for justice to properly take its course before rendering a guilty verdict on the Conservative Party of Canada. A big part of democracy is our judicial system," said greenmachine.

Some members of the CBC Community objected to our use of the photo from the Prime Minister's Office of Sona standing with Stephen Harper.

  • "Why would the CBC be showing this guy with our PM? The prime minister wouldn't know him from Adam," said James44.

  • "Very typical of the liberal-minded CBC to use a picture of him with the PM. Why is that? Are they insinuating that the PM was complicit in this?" said NLC123.

Thanks for following our coverage. We do appreciate your feedback, even your criticism, and the debate that comes out of our comments section.

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