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Generation Why reacts to the Boston bombings

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The bombings that killed three people at the Boston Marathon on Monday gripped the attention of this week's Generation Why contributors. Roughly half of all the entries this issue highlight CBC News coverage of the attack and the fast-moving investigation that put an entire city in lockdown.

Every day brought breaking news in a story with many twists and turns.

  • John Rieti, a member of the CBC Multimedia desk, writes a dispatch from a Boston he described as a 'ghost town' on Friday evening.
  • Amil Niazi, a CBC staffer who works produces Inside The News with Peter Mansbridge, and Ash Kelly, a reader from Vancouver, warn against the dangers of getting the story first when it jeopardizes the commitment to getting it right.
  • Ishani Nath, a first-time contributor from Toronto, explains her personal connection to the bombings in our magazine's first ever video reflection from a reader.

    Also this issue: why Regina is being called the next music capital of Canada, why the Junos won't honour Stompin' Tom Connors, and why a Montreal woman was arrested for art she posted on Instagram -- even though she did not create it.
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