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Generation Why: April 5

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This week's issue of Generation Why features many reflections on Canada's international reputation and the behaviour of Canadians abroad.

  • Laura Adams, a reader from Toronto, highlights worldwide protests against Canadian mining companies.
  • Two CBC staffers reflect on how three young men from London, Ont.- two now dead and one in jail - ended up getting involved with Al Qaeda.
  • Emily MacIssac, a reader from Halifax, wonders how Canadian expats in South Korea are dealing with threats from their northern adversary.

Also in this issue: How rich Canadians are hiding their money in the world's tiniest territories, why some students are resorting to potentially dangerous study drugs, and the tragic story of a dog that has spurred a rescue worker to seek change.
Generation Why is a weekly interactive magazine curated by young Canadians for young Canadians.

Each week, readers under the age of 30 and young staffers collaborate to highlight the best content that CBC news and current affairs programming has to offer.

We also hope to spotlight the talent of young artists by offering the magazine's cover as a canvas.

  • Contribute a written piece or pitch your photo/illustration for the cover
  • Explore the results of our user-driven social poll on important questions for our generation, and watch the open forum live chat we ran to discuss those big questions


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