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Best man delivers speech from military jet in Afghanistan

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 Recently-married YouTuber Brandon Krivohlavy's brother sent him a best man speech from the cockpit of his jet while serving the U.S. military in Afghanistan. Brandon Krivohlavy / YouTube

Capt. Matthew Krivohlavy knew that his duties as a marine pilot could conflict with his duties as his brother's best man, but that didn't stop him from accepting the honour - or making one heck of a long-distance wedding speech.

Currently deployed in Afghanistan, the aviator used flashcards, a microphone, and the power of YouTube to make a heartfelt speech at his brother Brandon's wedding in Austin, Texas.

"I can't begin to tell you how excited I am for the both of you," said Krivohlavy in the cockpit of his AV-8B harrier jet while flying over Afghanistan. "This is a day that you will remember for the rest of your lives, and I wish I could be there to share it with you."

Krivohlavy goes on to wish both the bride and groom well, noting that he only wished he had a more embarrassing story to tell.

"What I really want to say is how great of a brother you are. As kids, there were times when we wanted to kill each other. But as we both matured, we began to realize how alike we really are. It pains me that we live so far away and hardly see each other, but after visiting Austin and meeting Mandy, I completely understand! The two of you have a very exciting future ahead, and I wish you both the very best."

The captain wraps his two and a half long minute video with a slow barrel roll and a friendly wave. ""Love you both, congratulations."

The groom posted the video to Reddit earlier this week, noting that when it played at the wedding "Everyone in the room was either crying or completely speechless. It was a very moving moment for everyone there."

The original video was taken down temporarily at the pilot's request according to Brandon, but not before thousands could share it online and riff on the theme of weddings, speeches and brotherly love.

Is there a particularly touching or memorable speech you can recall? Share it with us in the comments.

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