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Readers split on Ford intoxication story

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Rob Ford

Our story yesterday on the Toronto Star report that Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was asked to leave a gala event in February because he appeared intoxicated received hundreds of comments.

The CBC Community was split on whether to trust the Star's reporting. 

  • "This story is not an indictment in itself, but rather affirms a pattern of behavior/substance abuse - a concern raised most recently by Sarah Thomson - that the Mayor and his inner circle have to this point denied. If substantiated, questions must be asked about Rob Ford's ability to continue in his position without going into treatment," said paddleOntario.

  • "Previous incidents including an impaired driving charge in Florida in 1999 and an argument Ford had with a couple at a Maple Leafs game in 2006 prove at least one thing: The mayor is consistent ... Yet some people still support the sinking ship that Ford is. How much more damage can Ford do to Toronto before he finally destroys himself? asked Ron_Aero.

  • "Can someone step in and help this man? Clearly, he missed all basic leadership and public relations courses. Toronto, if you love your mayor, clean him up a bit," said cantyouguess.

  • "I feel no sympathy for the GTA. They voted in this person, knowing very well his spotty history as a politician and a person. The GTA would vote in a ham sandwich for Mayor if that sandwich could just say, 'I'll cut taxes.' Toronto has turned into a laughing stock worldwide and has become nothing more than yet another poorly managed, sprawled, over-priced North American city whose citizens are in severe financial distress. Enjoy the ride, Ford Nation, because it's about to get faster and bumpier," said CommieCanuck

But a large number of commenters believed Ford when he said that the report is "an outright lie," and said the mayor is the focus of a "witch hunt" by the media, and by the Star and the CBC in particular. 

  • "I've seen some witch hunts in my day, but this one takes the cake! This guy must have pissed a lot of people off along the way to the mayor's office because there's no shortage of people who will say or do just about anything to discredit this guy. I'm not a Torontonian and I actually don't know much about Mr. Ford other than CBC's shameless reporting of his 'alleged' bad behaviour" said BabyMartin.

  • "Certain media agencies dislike Ford and I would scrutinize their "sources" and or statements carefully. These media agencies are out to get Ford and its sad that others that dislike him just blindly jump on the slam Ford bandwagon with great zest," said Criscokid.

  • "More 'anonymous' sources. What great journalism when everyone hides and nobody is willing to state it on the record," said justintime77.

  • "The basis of the entire story revolves around 'anonymous sources.' The Toronto Star has basically become TMZ," said Mark Winn
While the Star's investigative story did rely heavily on anonymous sources, Coun. Paul Ainslie confirmed to the newspaper that Ford was asked to leave.

Others didn't buy the idea that journalists were simply out to get Ford. 

  • "There is no smoke without fire and journalists worth their salt do not print things willy-nilly and always protect their sources," said alwaysvote.

  • "Rob Ford is a politician. Like it or not, politicians, and people in the public eye alike, are subjected to a higher level of public scrutiny. Rob Ford and his staffers knew that he was going to be closely watched so they should have done all that they could to avoid potentially questionable situations in the first place. e.g. lay off the drinking (however much or little that may be) for one night. It's just common sense," said MapleTree67

Thanks for all your comments. Please feel free to continue the conversation below.

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