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'Instasham' lets social media braggers fake fabulous lives

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 Instasham lets you "upgrade your Instagram game" with carefully selected images from a number of lifestyle categories. ( an age where it's easy to learn volumes about one's friends, enemies and potential love interests with just a few mouse clicks, it makes sense that most people construct their digital identities very carefully.

We tweet our wittiest thoughts, selectively check into the most interesting spots on Foursquare, and upload only the photos that make us look attractive to Facebook.

But for some people, it isn't enough to simply keep up with the social media Joneses - they want to blow them away.

Tapping into (and poking some fun at) this trend, two Brooklyn-based artists have launched Instasham - a free, online collection of fabulous stock photos for posting to Instagram.

"We are a society that brags through megapixels," reads the media art project / social experiment's about page. "It is in this insight that we saw an opportunity and Instasham was created."

Created by Andy Dao and Stacey Smith, Instasham features hundreds of high quality phone-sized images that look like they've been ripped from an A-Lister's life.

If you've ever wanted to floss like you drive an Aston Martin, travel around the world, have a closet filled with designer duds, nowis your chance.

Whether or not your followers believe that you party with Kanye West sometimes is another story.

"If you can't make it, Fake it" the site suggests.

Have you ever, or would you ever deceive your social network to make your life look more interesting?

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