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Replay | CBC Live Online's 'Gen Why' open forum

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They may be tapping away at smart phones and wearing ear buds, but Canadians under 30 are far from tuned-out to the world around them.

If the number of young entrepreneurs and innovators in Canada is any indication, the generation that came of age alongside the modern web is ready to rethink everything.

The eldest children of the baby boomers have entered adulthood and the workforce.

Although they face many of the same challenges that Gen X encountered before them, today's young people are much more connected, and seem not only to be looking for answers, but also asking different questions.

When we asked Canadians under 30 to tell us which discussions they would like to see discussed in mainstream media, the results were fascinating.

Over 100 questions were added to the social poll we posted last week, with more than 100,000 people taking the time to explore them.
Questions you'd like to see in the news?

*Please note that this is a non-scientific and pre-moderated social poll. These are reader-submitted questions that have been approved by CBC staff.

We invite you to participate, but please stick to the same template and our submissions guidelines.

For this week's episode of CBC Live Online, host Lauren O'Neil channeled a young Rex Murphy to host a "cross-country chat up" based on some of these questions -- but instead of calling in from a landline, we invited Canadians to join us on webcam.

Watch the full replay here:

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