Your Community readers question Toews' approval of reality TV crews on immigration raids

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The article that got the most reaction over the weekend was our story revealing that Public Safety Minister Vic Toews approved a request for a reality show production crew to film an immigration raid at a Vancouver construction site.

The highest rated comment on the story was this one:

  • "Resign, Vic Toews!" wrote sturbs87.

  •  "So, this is what Vic Toews is up to these days: using reality TV to promote federal enforcement programs. How low can you stoop in demonizing people?" replied B U Tiful BC.

The reaction from the CBC Community to this news stood in sharp contrast to the comments on our original story. Many of commenters there didn't see a problem with the immigration raids or with camera crews filming them.

  • "Compare the comments to the previous story on the video of an immigration raid. Many leftists were in favour of the raids, but not that Toews is mentioned they are against it. Dualistic thinking," replied NQuick 

  • "NQuick, it is one thing to support the raids, and another to support the exploitation of this by the media. I support the raids, and deportation of illegal immigrants because employers are using the cheap labour provided by illegal immigrants to avoid paying decent wages. I don't support putting the raids on a TV show for anyone's entertainment," replied Whirl'd Pease.

  • "This is wrong on so many levels and so hare-brained an idea that I still can't believe a cabinet minister signed off on it. I have no problem with the CBSA doing their job and doing it whatever way they need to but this turning raids into a reality show is reprehensible. Not only that but it likely interferes with how they do their job. No one can tell me that having cameras there doesn't affect you and the efficiency of the way you do your job," said alchemy.

Some Community members brought up a previous controversy involving Toews.

  • "Toews didn't like it when his public divorce records where distributed all over the internet, but he thinks it is Jim Dandy to record what should be confidential actions until the unproven allegations about these people have been brought before a judge," said Bumpy Road.

The story mentioned how the request pushed the reality show as a  valuable opportunity to promote messages about Canada's commitment to border security.

  • "This is how our government communicates with us? A reality show? Sorry, Toews. This is not good enough for me. I want illegals in Canada to be expelled but to turn this action into cheap entertainment is a humiliation to all Canadians," said Chatable.

CBC Community members had other experiences with Border Security, the reality show on the National Geographic channel.

  • "I've watched this show a few times. Came away a surprising amount of knowledge on what kinds of things the CBSA looks for and how they look for them. Couldn't help think it would be a great learning tool for someone trying to enter the country illegally or bring something into the country illegally. Great work, Mr. Toews," said can-do-ns.

  •  "I remember seeing a little poster (almost in a way to make it unnoticeable) put at the Peace Arch bus border check. It said that there might be some filming for a documentary and anybody using that border crossing is automatically assumed to have given the consent to appear in the documentary. I think you could opt out, but who's going to do that and delay the whole bus? Absolutely ridiculous and invasive, especially after border agents refusing to carry name tags. Their privacy is more important that travelers privacy, it appears. The best thing to do is cancel this 'reality' show," said scnnr drkly.

  • "I'm hoping for a follow up reality show segment. It's one where the companies who profit from hiring cheap illegal labour are called to task. The reality show cameras can follow the police as they go to arrest those responsible," said dogyeller.

Thanks for all your comments. We appreciate the debate the emerges from the CBC Community in our stories.

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