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Adults-only summer camp provides 'digital detox'

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si_campgrounded.jpgIf the thought of putting down your smartphone to pick up a s'more make you nervous, a digital detox might be exactly what you need.

A new adults-only summer camp in California is giving hyper-connected grownups a chance to disconnect, celebrate life, and act like kids again by going completely off the grid.

Hosted at the site of a 1970s Boy Scouts of America camp in Anderson Valley, "Camp Grounded" will welcome 200 campers for "four days of pure, unadulterated fun out in the redwoods" this June.

Participants will be assigned to gender-specific bunks in open-air cabins upon arrival just like boys and girls at a traditional summer camp - although "sneaking out is highly encouraged."

What's not encouraged - or even allowed - are things like computers, cell phones, alarm clocks, schedules or work-jargon. The revolution will not be Instagrammed.

Instead, campers will participate in their choice of classic and modern summer camp activities including capture the flag, archery, arts & crafts, talent shows, stargazing, hiking, yoga and sing-alongs.

"This will be just like the camp you remember from your childhood and favorite summertime movie," reads the camp's website. "Together we'll create a community where money is worth little... and individuality, self expression, friendship, freedom and memories are valued most."

While the camp's organizers encourage the formation of friendships, a disclaimer section on the website makes it very clear that Camp Grounded is not a place for keeners to build business relationships.

"Let's be clear. This is not a conference, a networking event or meet-up opportunity to make contacts that further your career," it reads. "Friendships at camp are based on real-life connections, and the most important status we'll update is our happiness."

Camp Grounded is not unique in its role as an adults-only summertime retreat -- over 800 niche camps for adults can be found on, including the famous Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp in Las Vegas and New Jersey's apocalyptic "Zombie Survival Course."

What makes it of great benefit to tech-heads especially is its organizing company's dedication to disconnection.

"While detaching from our devices and disconnecting from the over-stimulation of social media, step back into the natural rhythm of life - rediscovering what living in the moment truly feels like," writes Digital Detox, a California-based personal wellness retreat organizer.

"Feeling rejuvenated and truly relaxed after a few days off the grid, participants return to daily life with newfound energy, creative inspiration, and a refreshed approach to a balanced life in the digital age."

Have you ever considered taking some time away from technology? Would you go to summer camp again as an adult? Share your thoughts below.

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