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Should the B.C. RCMP follow the recommendations in the Human Rights Watch report?

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A report from a U.S. non-government organization alleges abuse of B.C. aboriginal women and girls at hands of RCMP officers.

A report examining abuse allegations against British Columbia RCMP officers involving aboriginal women and girls, released today, has police urging alleged victims to come forward.

The RCMP said it is taking the report from the international non-government organization Human Rights Watch very seriously.

The report calls for a national inquiry by provincial and federal governments, but RCMP officials have said that they need the public's help in order to properly investigate the matter.

"Unfortunately, five months later and none of these allegations have been brought forward for investigation. It is impossible to deal with such public and serious complaints when we have no method to determine who the victims or the accused are."

This report is the most recent controversy to surface amidst a storm of scrutiny surrounding RCMP behaviour in western provinces, including sexual harassment within the organization, the handling of the Robert Pickton investigation and the death of Robert Dziekanski.

Human Rights Watch interviewed 50 aboriginal women and girls and detailed their accounts of alleged abuse that include pepper-spraying, having Tasers used on them and being strip-searched.

The report compares the level of fear among the women to be comparable to those with post-traumatic stress disorder after a war.

Along with an inquiry, the report calls for first nations leaders to cooperate with the government and address the issue of violence against women.

Are you satisfied with the RCMP's reaction to the report? Do you think the recommendations outlined in the report are a good next step?

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