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Penny for your thoughts: Your stories about Canada's one-cent piece

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UPDATE: We received this email from Cheryl C. Major of Whitehorse:

"My dad used to keep a Texas mickey of pennies in his room. One summer he told me that he'd give me a penny for every dandelion I pulled out of the yard. First I pulled the dandelions, then counted them out. Little did I know I would then be counting out my pay from the huge jar of pennies! I think in total I made about $3.00."

Original post: readers are waxing nostalgic today, the day the Royal Canadian Mint stops distributing Canada's one-cent piece, also known as the penny. 

We asked readers if they will miss the penny, and CBC Radio's Cross Country Checkup made it the topic of their show on Sunday. 

Members of the CBC Community responded by sharing their stories about pennies from years past. 

  • "Pennies were more fun when we were kids and you could get two or three candies for one. If there is a donation box of any sort at the store where I'm shopping, for any recognized charity, they - along with any nickels and dimes I've gotten in my change - go straight into it. I won't miss them," said Niceguyeddie.

  • "I certainly won't miss having to carry the penny around in my wallet. Will miss having something to throw in fountains," wrote Alex Gam on Twitter.

  • I've collected pennies for years, trying to get one from every year, and put them in albums. It's weird to think that after 2013 there will be no more to put in the book, and that there soon won't be pennies in my change to sift through, looking for ones that I'm missing in my collection," said starrydays17.

  • "When I was a kid, a little over 20 years ago, my friend and I hunted for loose pennies until we had enough to buy popsicles. Just 25 pennies got you a double-popsicle at the corner store," said jcarsey.

  • "I guess finding a shiny penny wrapped in wax paper under your piece of birthday cake has no longer the same draw it did 60 years ago. (It was really lucky to find a nickel!)" wrote MOONTRASH. 

Do you have a story about the penny? Let us know in the comments here or email us at

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