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Have you been tempted to try horsemeat since European meat scandal broke?

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 Steak de cheval may not be to everyone's taste, but have you been tempted to try it? (Andrew Winning/Reuters)
Most recently, Ikea's Swedish meatballs were found to contain horsemeat in the Czech Republic, prompting the furniture retailer to pull the meat off the shelves in several European countries. The furniture store's meatballs in Canada are produced in the U.S.

But interestingly, the scandal of people possibly eating horsemeat unwittingly is apparently driving interest in eating it on purpose. 

The head of Interbev Equins, the horse butchers' trade group in France, told media that horsemeat sales rose by up to 15 per cent last week in the country.

Shamez Amlani, co-owner of La Palette, a French bistro in Toronto, says horsemeat is one of his most popular menu items and orders increase whenever the delicacy is in the news. 

"[When] you have an opportunity to try something that you haven't tried before, people will do it," said Amlani.

Food experts say that eating something that's considered taboo creates a distinction and gives people something interesting to talk about. 

We've asked before if the CBC Community would eat horsemeat. In our unscientific poll, 64 per cent said they wouldn't, while nearly 30 per cent said they either would or have already eaten horsemeat. 

In the comments there, we got some interesting perspectives on the issue. 

  • "I have eaten it in France and it was fine. We need to get our protein from somewhere and meat is meat. In other parts of the world they eat bugs, but maybe in the west we aren't yet ready for that," said Rick B2.

  • "If I ate animal products at all, then I would have no moral qualms about eating horse meat that I wouldn't have about eating the meat of any other animal," said Sxsxsx. "But since I found I can be perfectly healthy without eating any animal products at all, my life is a lot easier."

In the comments of today's feature on horsemeat, the debate continued. 

  • "An interesting ethical dilemma. Should we eat 'our animal friends'? It makes me uncomfortable, but should I have the right to impose my subjective personal opinions onto others? I will eat a cow but not a horse but, to be honest, I have no idea how 'smart' a cow may be and I'm sure all cattle slaughter isn't terribly humane," said Belgarion. 

Have you been tempted to try horsemeat since European meat scandal broke? Have you ever tried eating horse? Would you again? Let us know what you think. 

(This survey is not scientific. Results are based on readers' responses.)

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