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Disabled Goldfish gets underwater 'wheelchair'

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si_golfish_wheelchair.jpgIt's not often that the humble goldfish achieves kitten-like fame on the internet. Aquarium-dwellers aren't fuzzy, funny, or particularly good at cuddling - they can't even curl up in boxes.

But as one pet-owner with a heart for goldfish is proving, they're every bit as worthy of love and compassion.

A video that shows a small orange fish getting around an aquarium with the help of a handmade sling has made its way to the top of the viral web this week, provoking many an "awww!" and heart-melting blog post.

The video was uploaded by a YouTuber called synirr on Dec. 2, 2010 but didn't start making its way around the web until Monday after it was posted on

"My disabled goldfish scooting around in her newly redesigned sling," reads a caption on the original video. "She has trouble maintaining buoyancy on her own."

Because the goldfish can't swim to the top of her tank for food, her owner must hand-feed the fish daily, as is demonstrated in the video below.

"Have to make sure she's getting enough to eat," it reads. "She is very tame :)"

As the videos spread, many pointed out that the fish was likely suffering from a common aquarium ailment called "swim bladder disease."

Goldfish with swim bladder disorders are unable to control their own buoyancy, and can either float to the top or sink to the bottom of an aquarium.

"She looks a little silly, but it is better than lying at the bottom of the tank all day!" wrote the fish's owner under the first video.

We're sure the fish would agree, and she isn't alone! We've heard of homemade wheelchairs for dogs, cats, and even pigs.

What's the furthest you've gone to make a pet's life better? Share your story below.

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