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Black History Month: Looking back, pressing forward

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CBC's Asha Tomlinson on air (CBC)

Black History Month is a great time to reflect on the accomplishments of historical figures and other prominent black Canadians, as well as today's role models and rising stars.

CBC reporter Asha Tomlinson took a break from the breaking news desk to produce a series of stories on what it means to be black in contemporary Canada.

"I feel truly grateful to be able to contribute to CBC's Black History Month coverage," said Tomlinson, who added that the project allowed her to explore her own Jamaican roots.

"I've come to realize that it means celebrating our diverse cultures as well as recognizing that we're all Canadian."

You can watch the first three parts of her four-part series below. The fourth installment will air on CBC News Network this weekend, and will be added to this post on Monday.

Black Identity in Canada

The black community in Canada is extremely diverse, with people and cultures from around the world.

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The changing face of hockey

As we mark Black History month, the Subban brothers - P.K., Malcolm, and Jordan - are the latest in a growing lineup of black players on the ice.

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Black Canadian heroes

Asha Tomlinson tells the story of Chuck Ealey, the first black quarterback to win a Grey Cup, and his daughter's efforts to ensure her family's history lives on

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Honouring Lincoln Alexander

A Toronto school honours Canada's first black member of Parliament.

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