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Should the Queen retire and give the throne to Charles?

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Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands announced Monday that she would be stepping down in April to allow her son to take the throne, but don't expect Queen Elizabeth do to the same, experts say. 

Beatrix, who turns 75 on Thursday, took to Dutch television to announce her abdication in favour of her eldest son, Crown Prince Willem-Alexander, 45. 

In Britain, newspapers are having a bit of fun with the story because Queen Elizabeth, 86, has been famously unwilling to do the same and allow Prince Charles, 64, to take the crown. 

Elizabeth has in the past described being monarch as a "job for life." Prince Charles has been heir apparent since he was three, the longest wait for the throne in British history. 

Former U.K. prime minister John Major said last summer that Queen Elizabeth would give up the throne was "absolutely absurd," saying she would remain on the throne until her death or some health problem made serving as monarch impossible. 

Robert Lacey, author of several books about the monarchy, said Beatrix's announcement would only serve to strengthen the Queen's resolve. 

"It would reinforce her feeling that the Dutch don't know what monarchy is about, and that she should go on forever," he told the Associated Press. 

Abdication has a particularly bitter recent history in Great Britain. Elizabeth's uncle, King Edward VIII, abdicated the throne after reigning for just under a year, in order to marry Wallis Simpson, which was deemed unacceptable by British leaders because Simpson was divorced. 

Edward VIII had no heir, so the crown passed to his brother, Prince Albert, who took the name King George VI. George died in 1952 and his oldest daughter, Elizabeth, was proclaimed Queen at the age of 25.

We know how the Queen feels, but what about you? Do you think the Queen should give up her crown to her son? Or perhaps, to her grandson, Prince William? Let us know what you think. 

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