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Personal 'Twitter Butler' comes with luxury hotel package

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 Would you consider making use of a ghost tweeter for an important event? (iStock)It's every social media butterfly's dream come true: a dedicated staff member to follow you around with a camera and document your adventures in real time on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Celebrities call them "personal assistants," politicians call them "social media managers" and fashion bloggers... well, many call them "boyfriends."

But at the Madison Hotel in Washington, D.C., they're simply referred to as "Twitter Butlers", and anyone in town for U.S. President Barack Obama's upcoming inauguration can make use of their services -- for a (hefty) fee.

As part of their $47,000 "Inaugural Town and Country" package, the hotel offers this unique service to guests for the entirety of their four-day-long stay.

"From Tweeting and Facebooking to Instagramming and Pinning -- we're ready to record the memories in real time as the Social Media Butler for the friends and family of excited attendees so they can enjoy the moment," reads a blog post written by Anchor Media, the marketing agency that will staff the program.

They explain that guests control the experience, deciding how frequent status updates should be, designating which social networks are included, curating the content of their tweets and even enlisting the butler as a sort of personal online paparazzo.

Guests can also leave the butler with their social media account information, periodically text messaging over photos to be uploaded remotely. This way, VIPs can make use of the service without having a stranger following them around Washington at all times.

It may seem silly to pay so much money for four days worth of ghost tweeting services, but as Haley Peterson of the Daily Mail notes, the practice is already widespread within the corporate world.

"They are better known as social media strategists than 'butlers' and they typically work for companies, rather than individuals, to grow a following of consumers on various websites," writes Peterson. "During the presidential campaign, Obama and Romney each had their own strategists, who were responsible for every Tweet and status update over the last couple years."

Plus, the luxury $47,000 package includes more than a social media butler -- it also provides guests with a private Lincoln Town Car and driver, a tour of D.C., a $5,000 shopping experience at Brooks Brothers, and a couple's massage, among other luxuries.

Would you consider making use of a social media butler or ghost tweeter for an important event or holiday? Say, a wedding or a holiday?

Let us know your thoughts below.

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