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January photo contest: Jump Start January

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Daily semi-finalists

Jan. 25

This fabulous fauna shot comes to us from Ric Hornsby, a talented CBC Community member (and nature lover!) who hails from Winnipeg.

"PeeWee tries to enjoy the weak heat of the sun during our current cold snap," writes Ric. "I'm sure that he'll be a lot more active when the weather warms up!" The same could be said for many of us humans, too.

We really enjoy the way little PeeWee is framed and lighted in this photo.The hair on his tail is illuminated brilliantly, as is the small tuft of orange hair on his head. The warm contrast against the cool background make for a stunning image.

Thanks for another great photo, Ric.

Jan. 24

"Mid air capture of the gymnast's feet as he jumps on the trampoline," writes Emily Taylor in the caption of our photo contest pick for today. "Bouncing ahead into the New Year!"

Emily, who hails from Calgary, sent us this photo through her CBC Your News Community profile.

Thanks for the nice B&W, Emily!

Jan. 23

Today's photo contest selection comes to us from CBC Community member Andrea Pottyondy in Waverly, Ontario and her furry family pet.

"This is my dog Angel, she is 12 and a half, partially deaf and her eyesight isn't great but she still has a lot of spunk!" wrote Andrea in the photo's caption. "I was home for Christmas from University and took her for a long walk in MacDonald Park. This is the first snowball that she caught and I was lucky to capture....she was flying! "

Jan. 22

"Game on!" wrote Mel Diotte of LaSalle, Ont. in the caption of today's photo contest pick. "Hockey is back on. It is about time!"

Mel, a photo contest regular and clear talent behind the lens, sent us this photo through her CBC Your News Community profile. We're big fans of her photos around here, and are equally stoked to see hockey return!

Jan. 21

Today's photo contest pick comes to us from CBC Community member Kristina Parchomchuk.

"A Taipei street performer jumping over ten children in Taiwan," she writes in the caption.

Wow! We bet this performer gave those children and everyone watching a jolt of adrenaline with that jumping stunt!

Fabulous shot. Thanks for sharing.

Jan. 18

Peter Gilbert of Windsor, Ontario snapped this shot of a deer getting a jump start on a tasty, tasty snack. He calls it "Deer of Ojibway Park", and says in the description, "feeding the deer."

We're sure the deer appreciate your snacks, Peter!

Jan. 17

Joseph Hackl got a jump start on this January morning by taking a beautiful photo of the sun rising behind the Vaudreuil Train Station in Quebec at the crack of dawn.

"Foggy morning in Vaudreuil with a beautiful sunrise," he wrote in the caption of today's photo contest pick, sent to us through his CBC Community Your New profile. "Snapped this shot before getting on the train to go to work in downtown Montreal."

Jan. 16

Today's photo contest selection comes to us from CBC Community member David Berry in Verdun, Quebec.

"My Daughter having fun got her on the balance of things," he wrote in the caption of this charming picture.

It looks as though this adventurous youngster is getting a jumpstart on her career as an acrobat, or maybe an airplane pilot?

Great shot once again, David! Thanks for sharing it.

Jan. 15

"Never under estimate sibling rivalry!" wrote Jan Rourke of Ottawa, Ont. in the caption of today's photo contest pick, called "Attack Mode."
"Blackie is on the attack against younger sister at the bottom of the stairs, but he looks more like he has just stepped on an electical wire!"

It's nice to see even the smallest of Canadians getting a jump start on January 2013!

Jan. 14

Cathy Downey of Brigus, N.L. sent us today's chill (and smile!) inducing photo contest pick of her son Kyle after a Blizzard swept through their region.

"Every Winter, we come up with one snow sculpture to create as a family,"  she wrote in the caption. "Last year we made the snow Hot Tub. This bed with night table seemed fitting as we all were a little tired and wanting a rest after shoveling out from this storm. Kyle's two sisters soon rolled him off and had a nap as well:)  With the warmer temperatures today the bed is now a water bed!"

Jan. 11

"Clear the driver coming through!" writes Jamie LeBlanc of Westville, N.S. in the caption of today's featured photo contest entry.

Drivers must be at least 16 years old to get their learner's permit in Nova Scotia, but these eager beavers are getting a jumpstart on the process by practicing in a toy Jeep.

We're all taken with the adorable subjects and a great energy of this shot. Nice one, Jamie!

Jan. 10

Today's photo contest pick comes to us from CBC Community member glass_lass via Instagram.

We love how the leaping dancer she features puts an artistic spin on our "jump start" theme.

"Photography is my passion," lass writes in her bio. "I hope you enjoy my photos as much as I did creating them."

Jan. 9

January brings New Year's resolutions about fitness and health, and lots of new members at the gym. But for some people, like Sharon Tomaszeski of Sherwood Park, Alta., exercise is just part of their routine.

"Every Friday I strap on the snowshoes and venture out to a snowshoe trail," she said. "This one was taken at the provincial park located at Pigeon Lake, Alta."

Is January jump starting your exercise routine? Thanks for the shot, Sharon!

Jan. 8

"A friend and I took our pups out for a play to kick off the new year," wrote Laura Anning of Greenwood, N.S. in the caption of today's photo contest pick.

The snow may have been over their shoulders, Laura says that didn't slow these energetic friends down one bit.

Great shot, Laura!

Jan. 7

CBC community member Isabelle Marozzo captured these mallards mid-action getting a jumpstart on their day in Norland, Ont.

We love the sense of motion in this shot, as well as the vibrant pops of orange, green, blue and brown against a stark, snowy background.

The positioning of the ducks make for an interesting balance between serene and chaotic. There are a few surprises within the image as well. How many pigeons can you spot?

Jan. 4

Now, that's more like it! 

Sophie Laflamme sent us today's entry for our monthly photo contest, called "Olivier making a snow star." We couldn't ask for a better picture to demonstrate our theme: Jump Start January. 

Sophie says they were "hot tubbin' outside and then cooling down in the snow" in Hearst, Ont. "This is my nephew, a little daredevil, doing any stunt in the snow."

Thanks, Sophie! 

Jan. 3

Today's entry to our Jump Start January contest comes from CBC Community member Traci Cottingham in Cambridge, Ont. She calls her shot "Biking in B.C." 

Now, while it might be possible (though perhaps not advisable) to jump into a B.C. lake on a bicycle in January, this was actually taken a couple of summers ago. But who knows? Maybe we'll see a bike ramp at the next Vancouver polar bear swim

Thanks for sharing your pic with us, Traci. 

Jan. 2

We're kicking off this month's photo contest with an energetic shot from CBC Community member (and past photo contest winner) Ric Hornsby.

"We should take a lesson from our critter friends and go after that which we desire," writes Ric, who lives in Manitoba. "This little blue jay, named 'Rasta', knows when he wants something and does something about it!"

A good motto for the new year ahead. Thanks for sharing, Ric!

This month's photo contest theme

There's nothing like a new year to put a little bounce back in your step - especially if you're the type to make resolutions or refresh your outlook and routine.

So for this month's photo contest, we're asking you to Jump Start January!

Send us your photos of people, places or things that look like they've just received a jolt with jumper cables.

Perhaps you can capture an athlete mid-play, or the beating wings of a hummingbird. Maybe your cat defies gravity when it leaps, or your salsa-dancing spouse has some smooth moves.

(Hey, this may even be a good excuse to startle a sleeping pal. Just don't say it was our idea!)

New GIF option

This month, you have the option of submitting an animated GIF! (Tumblr)

This month, we're introducing an exciting new option: if you know how to make original, animated GIFs, we will be accepting them as submissions.

Free GIF-making websites and apps, like Montreal-based Cinemagram, are easy to find. And if learning new skills is on your list of resolutions, we hope you'll jump at the chance.

Alternately, if you want to submit one of your Instagram photos, please hashtag your submission #CBCJumpStartJan

We'll be posting your best shots each weekday for the rest of January. At the end of the month, we'll select five finalists and ask you to vote for your favourite.

logo-shop-eng.pngThe contest winner will receive a prize courtesy of the CBC Shop.

How to enter

Upload your images using the form below, or visit our CBC Your News Community page to upload them directly to the "January photo contest" category. If you haven't joined, it's easy to do so. And if you are a member, well, you already know what to do.

If all else fails, you can also submit images to

Please note: Only Canadian residents will be eligible for the final prize. Full contest rules are available here.

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