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Florida veterinarian unable to put down doe-eyed dog

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A rescue poster for Tigre. (Facebook)

An emaciated boxer mix named Tigre has received a second chance at life after a Florida veterinarian couldn't bring himself to put down the affectionate dog.

Dr. Christopher A. Melgey had initially recommended humane euthanasia for Tigre, an anemic and skeletal dog with a growth on his neck - but in a last minute change of heart, the doctor decided to try and help the dog recover instead.

Marley Furey, who runs an animal rescue service called Furey's Furry Friends, originally brought Tigre to Dr. Melgey's attention.

She received the news Monday morning.

"Dr Melgey couldn't do it - when he walked into his pen to get him, Tigre walked over to him, wagged his tail and rested his head again his leg and just looked at him with those sad eyes and Melgey couldn't do it," The Examiner quoted Furey as saying.

The dog is now being cared for at the Crystal Lake Animal Hospital in Pompano Beach Fla., where the slogan is: "We care for your pet like they're part of our family!"

Tigre will soon undergo a biopsy to determine what kind of treatment he needs.

Dr. Melgey was unable to accept a Tuesday afternoon call from CBC News, but the Examiner notes that Tigre has started to eat and is already charming the rest of the clinic's staff.

Although the vast majority of the site's readers described Tigre's tale as a good news story, at least one also mentioned the financial dilemma faced by those who wish to help ailing animals.

Sometimes the treatments and surgeries required to save a pet's life would deal a significant blow to a family's finances. In cases like this, some people are forced to weigh the cost of treatment against the animal's chances of survival, which may not be very high, even with surgery.

Others argue that, in some cases, it's kinder to end a pet's pain.

If you've ever owned an animal with significant medical challenges, you may understand the difficulty of deciding between treatment and humane euthanasia.

Have you ever been in this difficult position? How did you decide? Tell us your story.

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