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QUIZ | Would you qualify to come to Canada as a skilled worker?

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Canadians contemplate competing with a world of skilled workers (John Rieti/CBC)

Changes to Canada's Federal Skilled Worker Program are expected to give younger, English and French speakers with Canadian experience a boost, while making it tougher for others to qualify.

In the meantime, the government has largely stopped accepting new applications.

If your status in Canada is secure, you may not be paying close attention to the application freeze or the changing rules. Your ability to work in this country may even be something you take for granted.

Your hard-won education, work experience, and language proficiency, however, are credentials that no one could have earned for you and that you likely hold dear.

So what if you had the professional know-how without Canadian status, and you suddenly found yourself competing with a world of skilled workers?

NOTE: The following quiz is based on proposed changes to the Federal Skilled Worker Program points grid, which may still change before they take effect.

It is not be be confused with the new skilled trades program, which is expected to speed the arrival of skilled tradespeople.

Producer/Writer: Fabiola Carletti
Quiz Designer: Andre Mougeot
Photo: John Rieti

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