Your Community readers lament loss of 4,500 jobs at CP

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The Canadian Pacific Railway announced plans yesterday to cut 4,500 jobs by 2016, with an expected 1,700 coming by the end of this year. 

Some of the comments on our story yesterday targeted Canadian Pacific CEO Hunter Harrison. 

  • "Hunter is a hypocrite. Runs the holiday train trying to show goodwill and then puts 4,500 people out of work. Please give your can of beans to a laid off railway worker. What a sham," said railroader.

  • "Yup, cut jobs and work guys even harder with limited rest booked off. Great idea, Hunter," said grand wizard.

  • "I have a better idea, let a quarter go through attrition and then remove three-quarters of the management. That would look after any cash problems for years to come. In fact, make sure the employees are well looked after. They are the ones that make the money for any company," said KeithBC. 

CBC Community member CndrRJB wrote this in the comments: 

"I feel fortunate to have retired a couple of years ago off the CPR. I feel for the many good people that will lose their jobs. 

"I am a bit confused as to why Harrison kept two senior operating VPs from the old regime, since both of these individuals were responsible for the old way that things were done. At least one had no interest in improving train performance and reducing crew changes en route.

"I can only guess that they were the only two senior people that were willing to dance exactly as directed to Harrison's new tune, as the others have already left."

Some in the comments blamed the federal Conservative government's policies for the cutbacks. 

  • "Corporate tax cuts at work," said jimfrieson. 

But many in the CBC Community weren't buying that argument. 

  • "So your assumption would be that raising corporate taxes will bring the workers back?" replied SecondSound.

  • "I run a business. I have employees. I have as few employees as I need to maximize profits. I don't run a business to create jobs. I run a business to make money. Tell me again what Harrison is doing wrong?" replied drhoule.

  • "I am not sure how you can blame any political party for the changes Harrison is making at CPR. If you recall he made very similar changes at CN when the Liberals were in power. Bottom line, these are business decisions CPR is making and not based on political influence unless you were in a country with a centralized planning system," said Andrew E. 

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