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Canadian's doppelganger portraits warrant a double-take

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Canadian photographer François Brunelle stands before an exhibit of his look-alike portraits in Montreal. (

François Brunelle's portraits of similar looking strangers have turned heads in several art galleries, but the Canadian photographer's project is attracting new audiences after emerging online.

The curators at My Modern Met, a popular blog for art enthusiasts that recently posted the photos, described his photos as "mind-boggling" and replete with visual parallels.

"The lighthearted black and white portraits force the viewer to scrutinize every little aspect of each person to try and find the similarities and differences," they write, explaining that Brunelle's project I am not a look-alike is comprised of "family portraits" between unrelated people dressed in similar outfits and usually holding neutral expressions.





The photographer's own site described the project like this:

"François Brunelle is fascinated by the resemblance between look-alikes. It is not about looking like famous people. The project is about looking like other people. The fact that two persons, totally unrelated to each other, sometimes born in different countries, share the same physical appearance is really the essence of the project."

Brunelle and his work were also featured on CBC TV character showcase show On The Road Again in 2006.

More recently, Brunelle has been using social media to connect with look-alikes, who often come to him in pairs after finding each other independently.

Do you believe that everyone has a look-alike in the world? If so, have you ever met your own? Tell us your doppelganger stories in the space below!

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Tags: Arts & Entertainment, Canada, World

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