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Would you prefer free McDonald's or free beer for life?

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480-romney-at-mcdonalds.jpgMitt Romney stands in line at a McDonald's restaurant. His father had a card for free hamburgers for life. (TheUglySleeper/Reddit)

Ahead of his lunch with U.S. President Barack Obama, former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was spotted at a McDonald's restaurant. The user who posted the photo on Reddit said Romney was buying a McFlurry ice cream cup.

Ardent followers of the 2012 U.S. election trail shouldn't be surprised to see Romney at the everyman's fast food corner. In August, he regaled listeners with a story about finding a card that belonged to his father that granted him free McDonald's for life.

"I found a little paper card, a little pink card, and it said this entitles George W. Romney to a lifetime of a hamburger, a shake and french fries at McDonald's," Romney said last August, according to the National Post.

"It was signed by the hand of Ray Kroc. My dad had done a little training lesson or whatever for McDonald's when there was just a handful of restaurants, and I saw this thing and was like, 'This is a gold mine, dad! What are you doing?'"

Kroc was one of the businessmen who turned McDonald's into the world's biggest fast food chains in the world.

Regular patrons of McDonald's might wonder whether the free hamburger has since been upgraded to a Big Mac. But that isn't the most surprising (or impressive) freebie people are talking about this week.

 Nobel Prize winner Niels Bohr was awarded a house with a direct pipeline to the Carlsberg brewery for his accolades. (Wikimedia Commons) staff member Alex Knapp wrote about Niels Bohr, a scientist and the winner of the Nobel Prize in physics in 1922. As a reward for his achievement, Carlsberg Breweries built him a mansion in Copenhagen, right next to the brewery.

But the house came with an added bonus: a pipeline that ran directly from the brewery, granting him free beer by tap whenever he damn well pleased.

Knapp explains that the Carlsberg Foundation has a history of being a patron of both the arts and sciences. It helped Bohr found the Institute for Theoretical Physics in 1921. And the Carlsberg Laboratory was established in 1875 to advance the study of biochemistry, mostly in the interest of its brewing technology.

Between free McDonald's and free beer, who got the better deal - Mitt Romney's father or Niels Bohr?

If you could have one everyday staple free for life, what would it be?

(This survey is not scientific. Results are based on readers' responses.)

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