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Theatre app offers rewards if you don't text during a movie

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In an ongoing battle to hush movie-goers, get them to stop throwing popcorn, and put that phone away during films, theatre chains have been resorting to some funny gimmicks. 

A London, U.K theatre employs ninjas to shush people, while the Austin,TX-based Alamo Drafthouse made a commercial out of the angry voicemail left by a woman who was kicked out of a theatre for texting.  

Now, another U.S. theatre chain is getting innovative to stop patrons from texting during movies- and ironically, their method involves a smartphone app. 

Cinemark will offer rewards to theatre-goers who use a new feature called CineMode on the chain's smartphone app.

How does it work?  Theatre-goes will have to download the company's app and then turn on the CineMode. It prompts you to set your phone to vibrate, and it will dim the smartphone's screen. As long as you stay in CineMode for the duration of the movie, you'll be given a reward coupon at the end. 

Cinemark is one of the biggest movie-theatre chains in the U.S. with 299 theatres containing 3,918 screens across the U.S.

Whether the app will work or not remains to be seen, and it's not yet clear what kind of rewards app-users can expect. Hollywood blog Deadline called it "a sad sign of the times".

What do you think of this app? Would you use it?

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