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Should ski helmets sold in Canada be required to meet Canadian safety standards?

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In Canada, it's against the law to sell a hockey helmet that doesn't meet the Canadian Standards Association's safety requirements. That isn't the case for ski and snowboarding helmets. In fact, no such helmets sold in Canada meet current CSA requirements

 Ski helmets sold in Canada may meet American or European standards, but not all do. (CBC)The CSA set out its standards for ski and snowboard helmets in 2008, standards that call for the helmets to withstand multiple impacts and have certain requirements for stability, shock absorption and labelling. 

But the standard is not mandatory and is currently under review. 

Health Canada senior engineer Denis Roy says companies "appear unwilling to invest in the development of helmets that would meet a 'made for Canada' standard unless they are required by law."

In January, the Canadian Institute for Health Information said skiing and snowboarding injuries are more than twice as common as hockey injuries. 

The act doesn't include ski helmets, though. While many helmets sold in Canada meet American (ASTM) or European (CE) standards, some don't and none meet the current Canadian standards. 

Should Canada require ski and snowboarding helmets to meet CSA standards? Let us know what you think. 

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