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Reaction to Canada's planned No vote on Palestinian status at UN

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A vote in the UN General Assembly this afternoon is expected on whether or not to upgrade the Palestinian Authority's status from a non-member observer entity to a non-member observer state.

If the assembly votes to upgrade the status - as it is widely expected to do - it would be seen as a symbolic victory for the Palestinians.

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird says he will oppose any "unilateral" move by the Palestinians for statehood. Prime Minister Stephen Harper says Canada favours a two-state solution in the region.

Most of the comments on our story from the CBC Community, and the highest rated ones, were in support of the vote.

  • "Perhaps statehood for Palestine is just what's needed to stabilize this fractured region. A little dignity and self-destiny can go a long way--can't believe the Canada gov't is against this," said KLM409.

  • "It is totally unacceptable that Canada's government opposes the Palestinian UN state recognition request after these people have had their land stolen and faced decades of oppression, occupation, blockades, economic sanctions, military invasions, and relentless western negative media bias. Palestinians have been victims by the west for far too long. Palestine should negotiate terms with Israel as an equal nation. They are already a nation, self-governed, and with their own social and economic systems. Israel needs to learn to live with that fact and start to compensate them for the decades of economic, military and social hardship Israel has in my opinion caused," said spinwatcher.

One comment addressed the specific concern brought up by Britain over the Palestinians' status: their access to the International Criminal Court and the possibility of war crimes charges against Israel.

  • "I hope the Palestinians don't give in to U.K. concerns. Why should Israel be protected from ICC? If they are not acting contrary to international law, as they claim, they will be fine. However, the fact that U.K. wants to protect them from the ICC, re: the illegal settlements in the WB, speaks volumes. It if were legal, why the need for protection from the international criminal courts?" said awhLuh.

However, many commenters oppose the upgrade to the Palestinian Authority's status in the General Assembly and supported Canada's decision to vote No.

  • "How can Palestine be taken seriously as a nation when they allow terrorists to stockpile ballistic missiles and then start firing them into a neighbouring country to kill and maim civilians? Clean up your house and then come into the international community," said TimBitzzz.

  • "As a proud Canadian, I applaud Minister Baird's No vote. It is inconceivable that a group that advocates the destruction of a sovereign state could become a legitimate country in the eyes of the world community," said gerry atric.

  • "For the people of Palestine, I hope for peace, and independence is part of a peaceful existence. But, until they are able to form a proper government that can play nice with their neighbours and not merely terrorize them until the world acquiesces, then how can we support this nonsense? The world should not hand countries to terrorists. The Palestinian leadership does wrong and should be punished, not rewarded," said Phil Major.

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