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November photo contest: CBC Pets

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View all of this month's photo contest entries here!

Daily semi-finalists

Nov. 23

Today's photo contest pick comes to us from Nova Scotia by way of Yellowknife.

"Having lived in Yellowknife his entire life, my Miniature Schnauzer Chaucer always enjoys travelling to Nova Scotia to visit his family," wrote Dorothy Westerman in her submission. "A daily walk on Melmerby Beach is a must for this elite four-legged athlete and nothing compares to the sand and ocean!"

This is a stunning shot, Dorothy! We love the close-up perspective and the focus on Chaucer's sandy nose and beard.

Nov. 22

Mel sent us of LaSalle, Ont. sent us this photo of his pet chipmunk Hyper.

"He loves to be around us," wrote Mel in his photo contest submission. "Here you can see him sharing a peanut with my wife."

What a great moment! Thanks for sending this our way, Mel.

Nov. 21

Today's photo contest pick, called "Fish-eye-cat" comes to us from Emily Taylor of Calgary.

"Maybe Cinnamon would prefer to have his eye on the fish, rather than being the subject of a fish eye lens!" she writes in the photo's caption.

A lovely, creative shot. Nice one, Emily!

Nov. 20

Only 14 weeks old, and already modelling like a pro!

This adorable French Bulldog puppy was sent to us by Instagram user @kootskourts using the hashtag #CBCPetPhotos.

"Guess who?! TIKA-BABY." wrote the photographer in her caption.  "Almost 14 wks old!! Such a big girl!! #frenchie #frenchdog #puppy #baby #thekidsanatural #yo"

Nov. 19

Today's photo contest pick was sent to us from Tamarra Shepherd in Toronto, Ont.

"My pet turtle Solomon, just waking up from his afternoon nap," she wrote in her submission.

We love the depth in this photo, as well as the way little Solomon's head pops against his habitat while still managing to blend in. This is a neat photo of a neat little pet! Thanks for sending it in, Tamarra.

Nov. 16

"Homeward Bound" is a stunning photo of Lola the dog taken high up on Mt. Washington overlooking the Comox Valley in B.C.

Yvonne Laviolette sent us this photo through her CBC Your News account earlier this month, but we were saving it for a Friday.

Do you feel inspired to get out for a hike this weekend? We certainly do. Thanks Yvonne (and Lola!)

Nov. 15

This photo, called "I fits, I sits!" came to us from CBC Community member Melissa Foote through Instagram.

Melissa sent us several photos of her lovely little Lucille, giving us a full range of poses and expressions to choose from; standing at attention, posing with a curtain, chilling on the table, chilling with the family and saving the world from evil-doers.

We hope this funny feline brightens your day as much as she did ours.

Nov. 14

Lizzie the leopard gecko.comes to us from Cristin Hillier in Nova Scotia.

Cristin's daughter was thrilled to receive this little lizard as a birthday present three weeks ago. She certainly is a beauty! Thanks for sharing this photo, Cristin.

Nov. 13

Today's photo contest pick comes from Dan Faas of Cochrane, AB.

Dan sent us this photo of his family's beautiful beagle Snoopy running toward the camera.

The playful pooch's energy shoots straight through the lens, reminding us all of how much fun it is to go out and log some time with nature and our own furry friends.

Thanks for the photo, Dan!

Nov. 9

CBC readers, meet Fezzik the goat. This photo comes to us from Claire Moxon in Nova Scotia.

"Fezzik is a little angora goat with a big personality," she writes. "When he came to my farm, he had a bad infestation of lice and terrible anemia, and I didn't think he'd survive.  He lived indoors for the first few months since he could not stand up for long and would often collapse in a heap, not having the strength to get up by himself.  With a lot of TLC, he's come a long way, and although he will always be small in stature, he makes up for that in many other ways.  This is one of my favourite pictures of him from last summer."

It can go without saying that we love this photo. That story, those horns, those eyes! Thank you for sharing Fezzik with the CBC Community, Claire.

Nov. 8

"I have heard of cats sometimes getting 'underfoot', but Pudge went one step further," wrote Imelda Darwish of Somerset, N.S. in her photo contest submission.

"He got as close as he could to the foot of his beloved master while my husband was working in the garden.  Pudge even managed to catch a little catnap while he was there."

Of the many shots we've recieved of felines curling up in unusual places, this was definitely one of the funniest. Only a cat!

Nov. 7

This patriotic pooch comes to us from Instagram user @sugarandspice_25, who hashedtagged it with #CBCPetPhotos to enter this month's contest.

We can't tell where this photo was taken, but the other snaps in sugarandspice_25's feed show us that she's a huge dog lover who regularly takes her pets out to enjoy nature.

Thanks for sharing this one with us, it warmed our hearts and made us feel even more proud to be Canadian.

Nov. 6

Today's photo contest pick comes to us from Lucas Jungmann.

Lucas captured this "ferocious cat yawn" in Delta, B.C. and, much like yesterday's entry, we were taken by the combination of technical excellence and adorable subject matter in this photo.

Nice work, Lucas!

Nov. 5

Melissa Lewis of New Brunswick sent us today's photo contest pick from the CBC Your News community.

"This is our new little man, Gizmo." she writes in the submission. "We adopted him from an animal shelter when he was just 5 weeks old.  He now has 6 brothers and sisters that love him very much.  Our friends and family say how lucky he is, but we think we are the lucky ones :)"

We'd say that you both seem pretty lucky to us, Melissa! Thanks for sharing this beautiful photo of your sweet little guy.

Nov. 2

In the 24 hours since our pet photo contest was launched, members of the CBC Community have sent in more than 70 photos, most of them (heart-achingly adorable) cats and dogs.

We decided to kick things off this month with a twist, however, and go against the grain as Liz Lowe from Whitby, Ontario has done by selecting a feathered pet.

Pebbles is a 3-year-old African Grey Parrot, and clearly quite the photogenic gal! Not only is she a stunning subject, this portrait is excellent from a technical sense as well.

Nicely done, Liz!

November's photo contest theme

e're taking a cue from our animal-loving contest regulars for this month's photo contest and making November all about pets.

Send us the funniest, cutest, most beautiful shots of critters you hold dear. We'll be posting your best shots each weekday for the rest of November. At the end of the month, we'll select five finalists and ask you to vote for your favourite.

You can read more about this month's photo contest theme here.

How to enter

Upload your images using the form below, or visit our CBC Your News Community page to upload them directly to the "November photo contest" category. If you haven't joined, it's easy to do so. And if you are a member, well, you already know what to do.

logo-shop-eng.pngThe contest winner will receive a prize courtesy of the CBC Shop.

New Instagram option!

If you want to submit one of your Instagram photos, please hashtag your submission #CBCPetPhotos

If all else fails, you can also submit images to

Please note: Only Canadian residents will be eligible for the final prize. The contest rules are available here.

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