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Growing old digitally: send us your stories of social media seniors

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The stereotype is that computers are for kids. If you believe the hype, once you hit 60, you can no longer send a text message, type a tweet or write a blog post. Well, we don't believe it. We're sure that Canada is full of bloggers, podcasters, tweeters and meme-makers over the age of 60.

Are you or someone you know a social media senior? We want to hear your story. In fact, we would love a photo of your gigabit boomer along with a description of their technical talents. Don't let the twenty-something hipsters take all the credit for digital innovation.

The most fascinating submissions will be used in a special online feature early in the new year.

How to submit:

Upload a photo to the CBC Your News Community. If you haven't joined, it's easy to do. And if you are a member, simply log in and upload your photos or videos in the form below. You can write the story of your savvy senior in the photo description.

If all else fails or your just have a story to share, you can send us an email at

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