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CBC archival photos to get Instagram treatment on Thursdays

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Starting today, the CBC Community team will be posting a photo from the historically-rich CBC Still Photo Collection on Instagram every Thursday. 

If you have the Instagram app, just follow @CBCNews.

If you don't have the app and you still want to see what we're posting, go to and search for "CBCNews". You'll be able to see all the photos we post!

Today's picture is of Montrealer Marcel Ouimet. He, along with Mathew Halton and Peter Stursberg, was a war correspondent for the CBC during the Second World War. In this picture, Ouimet is sitting on the ground in Italy as he prepares a broadcast story. 

You can read more about the war correspondents and hear audio of reporter Peter Stursberg describing a Canadian tank assault from his vantage point in the attic of a farmhouse in Italy by clicking here.

For more information about the CBC Still Photo collection go here. If you'd like a chance to look through the CBC Still Photo collection yourself, head here

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