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9-year-old boy blows his parents' life savings on candy

 Was it worth the tummy-ache? (iStock)A nine-year-old Ukrainian boy is making headlines around the world after spending nearly $4,000 of his parents' money on candy.

The child found the money hidden under a couch and began taking it while on school holidays without his parents' knowledge, according to Russian news agency RIA Novosti.

The boy took about $3,300 US and €500 in total - the family's entire life savings. The boy had the currency converted into Ukrainian hryvnas with the help of an adult acquaintance who is said to be diagnosed with a mental disorder.

"The disappearance [of the money] was first spotted by his father," said Tatyana Kushnerova of the Konotop, Ukraine police department to RIA Novosti. "He opened the stash and saw it was empty,"

After his father confronted him, the boy admitted to paying a large sum of money to the adult acquaintance for his services before spending the rest of it on a days-long candy binge.

Unable to eat the candy alone, the boy shared it with his friends.

No word yet on if and how the boy will be punished, but this story got the CBC Community team thinking about some of our most rabble-rousing moments as kids.

Did you ever draw on a wall with crayon? Feed your little sister cat food? Smash a window with a baseball after your mom told you to stop messing around in the yard?

Share your stories below.

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