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105-year-old woman turns down preschool acceptance

 A nursing home resident born in 1907 was accidentally recruited to join a class of children born in 2007. (iStock)It's not unheard of for senior citizens to go back to school post-retirement, but usually they take courses at universities or colleges - not elementary schools.

105-year-old Anna Eriksson was invited to register for preschool at the Central School in Tierp, Sweden this month, along a group of more than 60 local children.

According to, the nursing home resident received a letter informing her that a spot had been reserved for her in a class full of children due to turn six next year.

"The addresses for everyone born in '07 were included in complete lists we received from the population registry," the school's principal, Marianna Eriksson told local paper Upsala Nya Tidning.

Eriksson was indeed born in '07. 1907.

Administrators failed to notice the exact date of Erikkson's birth, or that the message was headed to a nursing home.

"Her daughter got in touch and she and I both thought it was pretty funny. The two of them and I could see the humour in what happened," said the principal. "It would be fun if Anna Eriksson wanted to come here to meet the school's leadership and have coffee."

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