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What do you think about Christine Sinclair's suspension?

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mi-christine-sinclair-460-CP03373192.jpg Soccer player Christine Sinclair reacts after losing 4-3 in extra time against the USA at the Olympic Games in London. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Frank Gunn)

The captain of the Canadian women's soccer team, Christine Sinclair was given a four-game suspension by FIFA today for "displaying unsporting behaviour" at the London Olympics.

Sinclair had complained about referee Christina Pedersen after the semifinal match Canada played against the United States. The U.S. team scored on a penalty kick awarded by Pederson late in the game, which propelled the match into extra time. The Americans scored again in overtime to win the game.

"Obviously, we're disappointed and upset. We felt that the referee took it away from us, so, yes, we are disappointed," said Sinclair at the time.

"We feel like we didn't lose, we feel like it was taken from us. It's a shame in a game like that, which is so important, that the ref decided the result before the game started," Sinclair also said.

Canadian coach John Herdman was just as angry.

"She'll have to sleep in bed tonight after watching the replays, she's got that to live with," he said. "We'll move on from this, I wonder if she'll be able to."
The United States went on the beat Japan for the gold medal, while Canada won bronze.

In addition to the suspension, Sinclair was also fined by soccer's governing body.

The Canadian Soccer Association has requested the reasons for the suspension, and won't be commenting until the reasons are received and reviewed.

What do you think of the decision?

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