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Tweet your advice for new citizens with #CanadaTips

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New Canadians smile as the Citizenship judge addresses the crowd. (Dwight Friesen/CBC)

If you've ever been part of a Canadian citizenship ceremony, you may recall the nervous energy in the room.

For many, the event marks the end of a long and often difficult application process. Newcomers from all over the world stand side by side, hold up their hands and pledge to fulfill their duties as Canadian citizens.

The ceremony also marks a new beginning - one filled with surprises and joys, but also many challenges.

 A man takes the Oath of Canadian Citizenship. (Dwight Friesen/CBC)This Canadian Citizenship Week (October 15 - 21) we're reflecting on what it means to make this country home, and how new Canadians might adapt to everything from a new climate to a unique tapestry of cultures.

This week, roughly 3,000 new citizens will begin a new chapter of that journey in 54 citizenship ceremonies across the country.

We're reaching out to those who have memories of adjusting to life in Canada -- whether you're a permanent resident, or an international student, or a long-time citizen -- and asking that you tweet your best tip to those just starting out or still getting used to this vast country.

Maybe your warnings are weather related. Moving to Vancouver? Buy a sturdy umbrella! Settling in Saskatoon? Load on the layers come winter time.

Or perhaps you wish to highlight cultural and linguistic quirks. Ever notice how co-workers say "how are you?" but keep walking before you can answer them?

And that phrases you won't find in your dictionary -- like "double double" and "two-four" -- seem to mean something to Canadians?

It's also possible that you struggled when you arrived, and you have some kind words and advice for those who feel culture shock, or loneliness, or who have been mistreated.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to distill your hard-earned wisdom.

How to share your 140-character advice

Our goal is to map the short bits of advice we get from Twitter with the hashtag #CanadaTips.

If you can fit it in, include our handle @cbccommunity, but if not - don't worry. We'll be checking the hashtag for your submissions. Feel free to add photos! 

If you're not on Twitter but would like to participate, comment below or email us at but please keep your words of advice under 140 characters! Again, photos are welcome!

We leave you with a fantastic slideshow by our friends at CBC Metro Morning, who spent the morning with 45 new Canadians from 19 countries at a ceremony in Mississauga, Ont.


This collection of tweets and short tips will be curated by Fabiola Carletti, or @fiercefab, a Canadian who was born in El Salvador and remembers her own citizenship ceremony with great fondness. The Twitter map will be part of a larger immigration project that is in its early stages.

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